Lung Diease Is Such A Convoluted Business You Would Have To Be Mad To Partake

Lung Diease Is Such A Convoluted Business You Would Have To Be Mad To Partake

The story SO far .. Well as some will

Know av not been very well " understatement " if its not my heart its me lungs if its not that its astma attacks its abdomanol pain.

Anyway since i have not been on hear i have under gone few test for what my GP termed complex immuity issues !

Well i had mmr scan of my brain and skull re dizziness tremmors ect

Also i have been referd to GI & Liver regarding Abdominal or Abnormal pain lol.

Re toilet habbits and pain ANYWAY pain is rank and i cant lean on anything FOR example looking out of a window with out my guts winding me :(

My DOC as give my some IBS pills MEBEVERINE 135mg to take to see if they help with guts as they think could be IBS.

Now given colon guts lung trouble i could not help thinking is all this related to my ABNORMOL BLOOD cells platlets each and every lung suffer will suffer.

Picture is Abnormal platlets blood cells of mine as you can see the look like Sickle cell & Amina but truth is like i think my doc said is complex immuty issues.

Even my cat cant make head or tail

Of it ;)

But i think my Spleen could be causing issues as ( 1 ) its near my lung THUS if inlarged could squash my lung or make things uncomfortable.

A health spleen weights next to nout a enlarged spleen is close to brick in your abdomen AND can be first thing to suffer with abnormal

Blood cells platlets.

Hope you like videos and find them as intresting as i did.

O and dont forget about rocking chair for those chair bound ;)

Here is list of abnormal blood cell causes disorders

The spleen is the most over looked organ when it comes to dieases

Also wile researching according to FDA Azithromycin as been implicated in causing leukima in some patients

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  • Hope they get to the root of things very soon, speedy recovery mate.

  • Have you tried going 100 percent plant based diet.the is also the kempner diet and used that in the begining just to cure high blood pressure but they found it also cures or helps immunity issues.what im saying is that all these issues could be from your gut.try a pure plant based diet for one month or the Kempner rice diet(rice and fruit)for one month and see how you feel,it will be hard but at least you can see if it helps.Another one is pure water fasting look up true north. Dr alan goldhammer i think.they help with all diseases!from heart to lung disease,im in contact with him and may go to america to see him and stay at their facility(they are medical doctors)and they supervise your fasting on water with blood tests etc.I cannot help but think all the drugs and stuff we take in the hope of helping really make us worse.I think you will like Dr Alan goldhammer he is a very clever guy and can answer all your questions im sure.Truenorth water fasting.

  • Hope you get things sorted soon. It seems you are going though a lot at the moment.

    Be Well

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