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Started a pulmonary rehab course yesterday down at my local community center, there were 9 of us on the course (me the newbie) and only me with IPF, the rest were Cop'd ............but it was good news! Nice to chat with other folk who did'nt need telling what it is like to have a lung complaint, the staff handed out some little hand held fans as well, they do help. Anyway, trotted (bimbled) around doing the exercises, then coffee and biscuits...............the course is on two days a week and runs for six weeks.

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You're lucky! I don't think there's such a thing available in my area. Must find out!


Ow that must be so nice getting out and meeting others with 'similar' conditions. I am so glad you enjoyed the class. A cuppa and a natter is always good.

I know the course is only for 6 weeks but get the most out of it and ask lots of questions you never know you might make friends for after the course is over.

How are you finding the exercises? I am a firm believer in exercise as a 'fighter' against the blooming condition. Little and often but keep it going.

What other advice did you get

So pleased for you.

Take care



Good for you Romfty, you'll get fitter and learn a lot over the next few weeks, enjoy yourself!😁🙌🙆🙋🙇🙅😸 huffxxx


I go to classes they are very good but I do not get tea and biscuits😢


Well done, Romfty !

Before you start the mid week one at home, don't forget to loosen up a bit. It does make the exercises easier. If you don't have the facilities to do all the ones you do at PR, just do the ones that you can improvise. The one-stair one, standing up/sitting down, push offs from the wall. I only manage about half, but that's enough for my conscience to allow a glass or two in the evening !!

Good luck,



Cheers Dec.........................especially the bit about a glass or two lol!




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