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Good News, then the Bad news.


Had my chest x ray last Friday and was told the results would take 10 days. The ' Junior ' GP called me Today ( 4 days ) to inform me that the x-ray showed my lungs had no lesions, good news....but had shown that my heart is enlarged. Bad news.

He is arranging for me to have an ultra sound scan at the surgery to try and find the reason.

I have high blood pressure for the last 6 months, each month the GP ups my meds, but its still won't come down. I have told my GP on numerous occasions I have episodes of palpitations. He Put me on a 24 hour ECG and told me it was normal. I have told my Gp on numerous occasions that my ankles are sometimes swollen, he never takes much notice of this. He informs me that if the right side is enlarged it's a heart problem, if it's the left side it's to do with my lung problems.

I need all your comments, expertise and advice about this please.

As for my request to be referred to a Lung specialist he told me the practice senior GP has refused it saying as my copd was picked up in the practice it will be treated in the practice. He apparently will give me a call himself to discuss this with me...( that should be an interesting conversation !! )... BRING IT ON !!

A Worried Velvet xx

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Hi Velvet as if life isn't difficult enough it seems doctors make life more difficult. I am pretty sure that under the NICE guidelines you can request a second opinion and they are not allowed to turn you down. I would check that first though and if true just quote the guidelines at him. Good luck.

Oh to be a fly on the wall..... :p x

Tell him you want to see a pulmonary consultant. Don't back down. It's your right. Tell the doc that the tests they do are more intensive than what can be done at the surgery and you will get a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment. I had to change my GP as he was next to useless as well. My wellbing improved massively after seeing a consultant.

I have had AF and Tachycardia since before 1992 and that alone can affect your breathing. My old GP practice acknowledges I had lung and heart problems but my present ones blamed everything on my heart. Even though I had a parylised diaphragm They refused any spiro tests but when I found I had worked with asbestos for over 10 years they did one at the surgery. This confirmed RLD. But they would not put me on to a specialist until they saw what water tablets would do for a month. Once that waste of a month went by, proving that they can make me feel like I am being kicked in the kidneys for 30 days. They took me off them and applied for a specialist to look at me. I was given multiply test and the spiro in the plastic box plus the same lying down and an ultra sound. They confirmed 57% lung function upright with 12% drop when flat and they also found I have PH.

It proves that you have to push them. Good Luck.

Hi Velvet, what a scary time you are having with not much help from the GP from what you say. Pete has an enlarged heart and has sarcoidosis of the heart too but he is still here and functioning well considering. He is due to see a heart and lung consultant at the Brompton next month. You have every right to be seen by a specialist in the heart and lung field so insist that you are referred. Your GP, bless him, is not qualified in this field so needs to get his head from out of his backside and refer you. Sorry to be so blunt but it makes me very angry when people who are ill do not get the help they need.

Pete has been very lucky but I believe everyone has the same rights and should be seen by a specialist.

Don't give up. Wishing you well.


Hello Velvet, please try not to worry. Lets wait and see how you get on , you could be in good hands , at least he's not passing the buck.

It took my surgery only 9 years to send me for a consultation! and that was only after I informed them that my 'numbers'had dropped drastically and I was wondering why....( I started asking for copies of my annual spirometry test some years ago)

You have every right to a second opinion and it's good to be responsible for your own health!

Good Luck with the tests! Huff xxx


wow your gp is a heart specialist too...............its not ok and other members have given you great advice and insist on seeing someone who is not a general practitioner who thinks he knows it all x x

Oh dear, why do they complicate things of course the surgery cannot deal with this,I'm glad your on the ball to not be ignored, I think surgery docs have got to learn to let go a bit,times are changing,they have to get on board and also realize we can treat ourselves better ,as we study updated things ,more than what they at least you are aware of the problem there is in surgerys, they want to keep you to their selves ,maybe if it's like the surgery I go to.nurse is not trained in pulmonary so rely on me to tell her,but as docs don't know what meds we need and I do,I cannot get them,as docs do not agree. So it is a complete and. Utter mess !!?


Oh dear Velvet. Your GPs are way out of their depth and arrogant to boot. I cannot see what is their problem with reffering you. Time to change GPs I think.

What does he think specialists are for except to treat people with specific diseases, that's why they specialize.

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