Triathlon Training

Triathlon Training

Hi everyone,

Lucy and I have been blown away by all of your kind words of support and your generous donations. We are really looking forward to the event next Sunday. Coincidentally this is also the date of my 24th birthday so I intend to reward myself afterwards with a lot of cake! In the mean time though, Lucy and I are sticking to our healthy diets and training hard. Which, I must admit, is made easier by the beauty of the surrounding Malvern Hills.

Yesterday we rode to the small town of Upton. On route we noticed a horse bounding towards a fence we were cycling past so we stopped to say hello and enjoy a moment with nature. We then took a visit to Clives Fruit Farm for some fresh apple juice only to be joined by a peacock casually strutting around our table. We took some photos to share with you all.

The weather was glorious, and we hope you were all able to enjoy the beauty of the day as much as we were :D. If you still wish to donate then you can do so by following this link:

Thank you so, so much for all of your support!

Sophie and Lucy


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Hey you forgot to mention the mechanic/personal trainer for his excellent bike preparation :) .

Well done for the 3 mile run later when you returned back to Warwick uni digs. Keep it up and Sunday will be a stroll in the park.

Dad X

You forgot to mention your photographer role... don't forget to press record this time though.

Lucy and I went for a swim yesterday. Getting nervous but excited now! :) xxxx

hi sophie and lucy good luck for next sunday, and tony make sure bikes in working order lol and plenty pics.


Thank you very much! Yeah, we will get dad on the case... don't want to lose a wheel midrace! Haha xxx

Brave clever ladies. I wish you wings and good luck for Sunday, but no hitching a lift with little black beauty lol. xx

Thank you so much! A horse would be a lot faster than a bike... what a shame we didn't think of that sooner! Haha xxx

Wishing you well for next Sunday. I hope the weather is kind to you, Love Margaret x

Thank you Margaret for your kind words! We will be praying for the sun to shine and warm up the lake *gulp* xxxx

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