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Legs weakness

Good morning to every one. I would like to ask if having emphysema has any thing to do with legs weakness. I have nearly gone over a few time, but this morning they gave up on me. I went like a bag of spuds. I also get red hot feet and ice cold feet, I had my spine fixed in 2000. So I thought me legs and feet problems were over.

Thank you to every one for looking at my post.

Love to all and keep well to every one.

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Defo be one or other compounding your problems .. Have trouble myself with my legs

Loss of power when walking also i have one foot biger or smaller than other from my spinal injury inverted slipedd disk l5 s1


I have had very severe emphysema for over four years and have never had a problem with my legs being weak from it.


Will be your back problems, got them myself and it's a pain..........the hot and cold feet sounds like nerve problems. Sorry to hear you fell, hope you're not too bruised and feeling better soon.


It could be all of the above as we get slower we are not using the muscles as well so they will be weak. maybe a little callenetic exercise might help?


Thank you for your replys. I have severe emphysema and I know the difference with my back problem and this with my legs. I have worked all my life, but with all this I know that will never happen again. I know about how important all exercise is with these problems we all have. I also know that the system is against us, with the likes of pips etc. so really that doesn't help any of us. I scored 2 points with my pips, I was seen by a nurse not a doctor who was oxygen and was told my lips aren't blue so Im ok. So really what chance do we really have, but I'm trying to stay positive about it all as I can't work. Sorry if I go on a bit. Once again thank you for your replys.

Check well to everyone.


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