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You may think me a little stupid but ever since my husband has been prescribed oxygen I have really worried about whether we have had enough oxygen for the weekend and Monday. I thought you could order oxygen between Monday to Friday. Well..... we are going to my sons graduation tomorrow and oxygen (and scooter) will be required. It suddenly struck me on Sunday morning that we could be running very short - my husband has developed very bad hay fever and the dry throat causes coughing which in turn causes the breathlessness etc. and as a result he had been using more oxygen than I had planned for!

The good news is I rang Baywater yesterday just to see if I could leave a message on an answering machine and ask for an urgent delivery - but a lovely chap answered the phone and told me they always had an emergency orderline at the weekend and yes he could organise a delivery today. The relief!!!

Have a great week everyone, lots of love TAD xxx

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Good news TAD and hope the graduation goes well. xxxx

Thank you xx

Hi Tad, keeping on top of the oxygen can be quite difficult, as you say consumption can vary from week to week. I have sometimes let supplies run low or out and have found Baywater very helpful. I am lucky enough to have 8 cylinders now and liquid oxygen also which I can fill at home from a dewer.

If I run out now I only have myself to blame don't I . :) .

I thought I had just missed the 5 oclock deadline for ordering about a week ago but thought I may as well try, A very friendly person on the other end informed me that the cut off time was now 5.15, think they must have realised that to many of us leave it to the last minute (me) so have given us an extra quarter of an hour. :) .

Enjoy the graduation, hope the sun shines for you!

Tony xx

Thank you Tony it is lovely to hear from you! Hope you are keeping well and as fit as ever xxx

Hi Tad, your quick off the mark this morning. I'm not so good myself and have spent the weekend coughing non stop and producing enough gunk to fill a swimming pool.

I've decided to open the emergency pack, start the antibiotics and up the steroids which is something I don't do lightly.

Oh well on a plus side my breathing feels slightly better this morning and as long as I'm good to go for next Sunday's triathlon ( me being the camera man) I'll be happy.

Tony xxx

I'm very quick this morning!! (Make a note it doesn't happen often!) Sorry to hear you are not great. Good idea to start the antibiotics - it is just not worth waiting. It has been such a funny year this year and these high pollen counts don't help. Take it easy, look after yourself and god willing you will be ready for the off next Sunday xxx

Hi TAD it must be a nightmare organising the oxygen supplies so I am glad you have got it sorted. Hope you both have a great time at your sons graduation. x

Thank you xxx

The oxy suppliers really are unsung heroes. My regular one has become almost a friend. The guy that delivers to the caravan gets a coffee from my neighbour.

Dozy x 🐀 😊

Oh Tadaw what a WONDERFUL and proud day for you...I hope it all goes well, and I too am happy that you got the oxygen order sorted out..

You may have left before you saw this post, but when you come home ( basking in the sheer joy of the day) I hope you will feel how pleased we all are for you.

Lots of love


You are so kind - graduation tomorrow - don't think I will sleep tonight so excited. He did so well - a 2:1 in dual honours Biology and English. How lucky am I? xx

Hiya Tad, hope you've all had a fabulous day. Proud mum eh?

What would he do without you - and us come to that! youre always ready with a helpful reply & always positive. Bless you xx

So proud - we had the best day. Thank you xxx

I second all peege has said. Congratulations to your Son and to you. Well done. What a wonderful support you are to hubby and family and to this forum.

Love suzyxxx

You are lovely - thank you so much xxx

Tad your very lucky with regards the oxygen as far as I'm concerned the oxygen supplied should not be in the hands of a company that are only interested in making a profit as far as I'm concerned they dictated how we lived I hated hearing sorry its bank holiday so you won't be getting a delivery untill Tuesday. My husband had the liquid oxygen and on bank holiday weekend we could never go anywhere cause he would be getting low,yeh sure he had the machines in the house but not much good when you want to get out and about.

What a nightmare - I presumed everyone got the same service xx

Maybe it depends where you live in this country is dependant on what service you get but I found it a total nightmare, sadly my husband has passed away now but I'm just hoping with my illness I dont have to end up being dependant upon them. I never used to be afraid of this illness but after all the upset seeing what happened to my husband it scares the hell out of.

I hope that does not happen to you xxx

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