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Medicinal Cannabis

Anybody tried medicinal cannabis ? saw a video on U Tube of a man in America who was on the list for a heart and lung transplant, he tried cannabis and was no longer needing the transplant although he was still on oxygen he was very much improved. Very interesting, he took it as a tincture, would love to be able to try it without breaking the law.

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What research have you carried out Jane?

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A lot of people use it for medicinal purposes and it has been shown to help certain illnesses but in all honesty the youtube thing is far fetched. If only it were that simple we would all be using it....It can be extremely problematic for anyone suffering from any kind of mental health issue ie depression anxiety paranoia amongst other things.......

Of course as you rightly mention its also illegal so i do hope you decide on something else to use for what ever it is as you dont mention that x

Cannabis messes with your mind, so is not a good idea. When research has been done and it is sold legally, then I would consider using it, if prescribed by a doctor.

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Hey AS

I have been ' informed ' you can bake it in a cake and still get the same effect.

Now there's a new ingredient for your cupcakes !!!

Naughty Velvet xx

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The penalties are just the same however you use cannabis. I think I will pass for now!

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I do not believe cannibus will heal the insides.But it will make a better appetite and that's a big deal.wouldn't you say ?


I'm not so sure that it dos'nt work, most of the drugs we take come from natural substances don't they? just a matter of mixing the right amounts. I would certainly have a bash at it, especially in a cake, don't fancy smoking it though as I have already got a!!


It is the best natural medicine , I'm sure it opened the airways like it supposed to do with no toxins or side effects ,well done I would try it aswell but it may cure me ,then the pharmaceutical companies out of business.....oh Yes. Not everyone is suited,but if you are.yes I agree it could easily cure.

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I forgot to say in Canada at the moment there is a trial going on whether it will be good for COPD, I'm waiting it would solve my eating ,sleeping,,anxiety, in fact almost everything for Emphesema ,Without the side effects or no to meds. All the bloody fuss about nothing,half the amount of nurses ,solved that's me taken care of. If you don't like it go for the old meds...steroids inhalors that don't work tablets for all kinds of money making things.

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Medical cannabis .

if you google cannabis research news there is an article from the daily mail about separating the hallucinating part of the drug so it can be used medically.

They are thinking of leaving the higher bit in as that will help with Emphesema for anxiety stress appetite and sleeping all the things you need to help live a comfortable as pos life.


The guy was probably high as a kite with the effects from taking it, and just imagined he was feeling better!? Lol.

You can get it prescribed privately, there has been a case recently, the patient had to go to Holland to collect it from a pharmacy there, when coming back to the UK s/he declared it at customs and s/he was let through when s/he showed them the prescription. I haven't got the link off he top of my head but will look it up and post it. It's been used medicinally since time began. I certainly sooner take it than some very suspect drugs that the drug companies sell the NHS at very inflated prices.


Yes I have seen reports on medical cannabis being used for COPD patients with good results so is not all rubbish and I would certainly give it a try - thanks for the info xx

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I would like it privately in this country without going to Holland or I probably wouldn't come back...

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One can buy and use marijuana legally in my state-Colorado. It is widely available and no prescription is needed. I haven't heard of it being recommended for lung problems, but it is commonly believed to relieve nausea from chemotherapy and some other symptoms. My doctor says the "edibles" are dangerous because the effect is slow and people take too much. The overdoses can be quite frightening and can lead to violent behavior. So if want to come to Colorado and try it, just be careful. I have not tried it myself, but from the number of stores we have selling it, it is obvious that many people do. Legalization has had no particular effects on society that statistics show except for increased tax revenues but there are funny anecdotes, such as a family I know of in disarray because the father could no longer contribute to their support because his profession was dealing pot illegally. He now has no way to make a living.

Cannabis will NOT lead to violent behaviour. You must be thinking of Ice.

The worst that can happen is if you take too much Cannabis is it will result in a significant high that will put on the couch or your bed for a couple of hours.

I have never smoked cannabis nor eaten it in cookies so I have no opinion on that method of delivery but I am open to ingesting cannabis oil for relief of COPD symptoms. Many people have had dramatic improvement after ingesting Cannabis oil.

My COPD is severe, bordering on very severe and if Cannabis can help me breathe more easily it I will take the oil, it would be foolish of me not to. Afterall the inhalers are not very efficient and the use of Prednisone has it's own problems.

As for getting high on cannabis and hallucinating about breathing easily. That is nonsense. We can either breathe easily or not irrespective of what we take. It would be difficult to imagine we can breathe if we're gasping for breath.

There is so much misinformation about cannabis, much of it in this thread. All I can say is research and learn.

I would not accuse anyone of talking rubbish about medical marijuana unless I had actually tried it myself and found it did not work.

Contempt prior to investigation is sure fire way of living in a state of perpetual ignorance.

I have read of many people taking medical marijuana for COPD with excellent results that they never gained when taking the usual list of pharma drugs. People who take marijuana for COPD are looking for relief from the symptoms of severe COPD, they're not looking for a 'high'. If a 'high' was wanted they can buy mj on any street corner.

Marijuana is presently illegal in Australia. I wouldn't hesitate taking it if it was legal and I have never smoked marijuana nor taken any other illicit drug.


Absolutely looking for relief of severe Emphesema ,not to get high!!!!! Unless you have severe Emphesema you will never know what it's like not being able to even get the meds you need,because docs don't know what it's like either ,so no more ,we have had enough!!!

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