A New Start.Matt

A New Start.Matt

When I leave hospital tomorrow this will be a big challenge for me and Fran venturing into the world of Oxygen and tubes my house is being set up at 09am with Breathing Equipment ect, on Oxygen 18/24 hours a day and I will be to busy learning how it all works if it keeps me alive that's fine with me so the only time you will hear from me is to ask for help or advice on H/H on. Matty

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  • Take care Matt. Thinking of you xx


  • Love the photo, my dog Dylan also carried three balls, sadly I lost him to cancer a year ago. I have another dog Nash who is now 12 1/2 years old and we still miss Dylan, Nash would be fed up as Dylan would always spoil the ball games, once he had the balls he would not give them back, happy memories...

    I've been on oxygen for a month now, I find it OK enough tubing to move all around the house, I'm sure you'll be OK and if it prolongs life it must be good......

    Best wishes Vicki...X

  • Love the dog.

    You'll be used to it all within a couple of days, makes me feel safe.

    Kim xx

  • Hi its all easy my husband had tubes running all over the house and the machines are easy to use but the noise may drive you daft untill you get used to it good luck and I agree anything that helps you live you put up with.

  • I know at this moment in time matt, the prospect of having oxygen is probably very daunting to you.

    I really hope in a week or two, you feel more at ease with it and hopefully, a lot better breathing wise, as many on here have reported feeling much better in themselves for having it. xx

  • You will be fine.Just needs patience.

  • Love the photo and good to see you so positive with all the changes you face after leaving hospital. Take care and hope you feel better soon Matt - when you have time please let us know how you are getting on. xx

  • Good luck to you Matt and thinking of you and Fran as you embark on this journey. Wishing you well. xxxxxx

  • Hi Matt, exciting thing ahead for you, if the oxygen does you as good as it does me you will be well on the way to recovery. Take it easy, relax and do as you are told for a while.

    Get Fran to buy some KY Jelly for your nose it can get a bit dry and sore with the oxygen on for so long but that will clear up.

    Take care


  • I wish you all the very best with the new O2 regime. I think the tubes are the same size as they use for wine making?

    Be Well

  • Good luck with the oxygen concentrator. I've had one for 3 or 4?? years now, and I only notice it occasionally. It's put in a room that I work in, in the morning and I close the door at night, so I don't hear the noise of the air intake motor. You might find it convenient to have an air hose long enough to reach any room in the house. You plug the machine into the mains socket, using one of those remote-controlled sockets that you can buy at the supermarket - Tesco/asda/any of 'em - normally 3 for £15. You plug one of these into the mains and then you plug your machine into the socket. With the control, you can switch off the machine from any room in the house. During the day, I go downstairs and switch off the machine from the bottom of the stairs and forget about it until early evening. The polythene hose is 8mm or 1/3" thick so it's easy to coil up and hang somewhere convenient downstairs. When you get back from a trip outside and feel a bit breathless, it's easy to grab the "breather" and switch it on the moment you come through the front door, for a couple of minutes. Just knowing it's available right away, improves your confidence when you feel a little SOB.

    Happy days,


  • If you are getting noise from the oxygen concentrator you can buy anti noise mats to help.

  • I just have a long tube that can reach anywhere in the house. I also add a bit so I can get out in the garden. I don't really take much notice of having oxygen now as it's become an everyday thing. My partner doesn't notice either. My neighbours and local shopkeepers don't bat an eyelid either. I'm me and that's how they treat me, not as a person with a tube up his nose ! :)

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