COPD and back problems

Hello, I have had degenerate discs in my back for many years now, both in the cervical and lumber regions. I have recently been diagnosed with v.severe COPD, this came as a shock to me as the only symptom I have is sob, no cough or chest infections. However when researching my back problems it says that both cervical and lumber problems can cause sob. The sob started last year at the same time as I had a flare up of my neck problems. Has anyone else had these problems ? or can give me any information about the probability of this ?

So fed up now as my lower back has flared up and walking is very painful. I know it is important to keep as active as possible for the COPD and feel I'm in a catch 22 position.

Any help or information would be appreciated.

Thank you for being here. ......X

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  • Welcome Gradma. Sorry you have been diagnosed with copd and have pain too. Pain can be very draining. I don't have copd but have bronchiectasis, asthma and inflammatory arthritis. There will be someone along soon with copd to chat with you.


  • Hello GrandmaP.

    Was your diagnosis for COPD from a doctor or a pulmonary consultant ?

  • The consultant at Kings, I'm on Oxygen for at least 15 hours a day. My doctor refered me after a chest x ray after I became sob. I've just had a echo cardiogram done on Saturday and see the consultant on 21st of this month. I also start a p. rehab course on the 28th.

  • It's good to hear you've got a proper diagnosis. Like you say, it's a Catch 22 situation. I have very severe emphysema myself but that's all. Good luck with the PR, it really makes a difference.

  • hi I had 2herniated disks when I was 28 and had to have a spinal fusion it did help a bit but still get a lot of pain which im on still on morphine for. then when I was 37 told I had copd I was tested as I was getting sob when playing with the kids year later my lung collapsed when in to hospital for 3 weeks got told I had server emphysema had to have part of lung removed I never had chest infections or any thing just sob when first diagnosed with copd gp sent me for chest xray results was lungs clear and they sounded clear its was only when lung collapsed and I had ct scan done they found the emphysema I was 38 then doctors couldn't believe how bad my lungs were for my age and argued with me that I must have smoked a lot of cannabis I have never touched cannabis. i was a heavy tobacco smoker from young age but they still said my lung shouldn't be so bad .I had worked on farms from a very young age but they said it wasn't from that ,so don't know if the back and lungs was related .I do find gentle exercise and to try keep moving about does help both conditions .

  • Hi Gradma P, I am not sure if the two things do go together but can only tell you that I am carer for my hubby Pete and he has sarcoidosis, COPD and a prolapsed disc in his back that has/is causing terrible pain in buttock and down lower leg. He had a spinal cord stimulator fitted on 20th May but that has not helped with the buttock pain.

    He is really low now so maybe that does not help with chest/breathing problems.

    I hope you get some help and some answers. Wishing you well. xxxx

  • Hi GranmaP, Ive recently been told that I have COPD, having lived with a degenerative spine for 20 years, and considering I only went to docs because the nurse at hospital said I had a low oxygen count (I was having a cataract done) was a bit of a shock. Having barely any mobility I wasn't going to sit (the sitting all these years have been adding to my problems I have since learnt) and do nothing. Had to find something to help myself. Found this forum and it has increased my breathing (breathing exercise video on one of the pages here at blf), increased my mobility (so far up to 7 mins on exercise bike, surprising what you can do when you put your mind to it) and has taught me lots of things. After only 23 days the lifestyle changes are few so far, but having a very positive impact already. I was a smoker but gave up 15 months ago. Don't worry to much about what you can't do, concentrate on what you can do and push those boundries gently.


  • Thank you all for your information and support, it's good to know I am not alone......grandma Vicki....x

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