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Afternoon all.

I had to come and tell everyone of my new found freedom on my mobility scooter. I had used them a couple of times from Shopmobility at shopping centres, and my husband has nagged me to have one of my own which I had resisted until a couple of weeks ago. My sister was taken ill and was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour, she was allowed home to wait for her operation at Kings College, so having 'Madge' has been a god centre with a range of 8 miles I can easily visit my sister and basically go out when my husbands at work. I don't dread going out now, I can nip off while my husband looks in boring shops, and I've been to the coast a couple of times. So if anyone out there has any doubts, don't I'm now dreading the winter.

Kim xxx

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Good for you Kimmy, I use one when I go to tesco and use shopmobilty too when in town. first time I used one was at 2012 para olympics, new found freedom. not bought my own as no where to store one. though Im lucky enough to have a car.


Oh thats so nice to hear you have something that has helped your mood as well as your mobility ...Feeling happy is the best thing in the world for us x x

My husband has found similar freedom we are going to our sons graduation this week the scooter takes off so much pressure! Enjoy the summer and your freedom! Love to your sister, lots of love TAD xx

people are telling me to get one , but i always say when i have to (i think i have to now, but i won`t admit it)

Treat yourself whit, marvellous for getting around.


Hi Whit,I,m thinking of selling my scooter now I have my motability car.If you,re interested let me know .David.

thanks for the offer but i am putting it off as long as i can.

Do it Whit - you won't regret it. Take care xxx

I was exactly the same, more because I'm quite young and felt stupid. But people think its great and it takes lot of pressure off my husband who used to push me in a wheelchair, and the kids love having rides my sisters have suggested I hire myself out for children's party. Just ordered some lightweight ramps. Take the plunge will change your life I promise.

Kim xxx

Kimmy59. What will the ramps be for? Are they for putting your scooter in the boot of your car? If so could you let us all know how that works. I have tried a dismantled scooter in a shop that sells them and can't even lift the motor part off the floor!

I will let you know should be here any day.

Kim xx

I have 2 scooters. One for going to local shops - where I get stopped all the time to answer questions from people admiring it. And one I keep in the car for when I am out and about. I did have to buy a hoist to get it in and out of the car but worth every penny.

That's very clever wish I could do that, unfortunately my husband is a Taxi driver so it's not possible.

Kim xx

Good on ya Kimmy. Wishing you many happy jaunts on your scooter. I am also wishing your sister well.


Hi Kimmy,so glad you got your scooter,a bit of independence makes all the difference.Not sure why you,re dreading the winter ?A nice big coat and a decent pair of gloves oh and a wooly scarf should see you ok.I did find I did,nt walk much when I used my scooter scared to get off it in case it got pinchedSo oddly now I have my car I get more exercise.You should get insurance by the way Kim,happy truckin'.D. 💐

I returned yesterday after a 2day break in Scarborough with my husband . we both wizzed around on scooters early mornings before the resort was packed with visitors in the glorious weather. I so enjoyed it, my only problem was not getting into shops etc because I usually use my 3 wheel walker for that but of course couldn't take it out on the scooter. Hope you enjoy yours. Joyce

I found it strange in and out shops at first, knocked a few displays flying but I've got the hang now.

Kim xxx

Hi Kimmy, first of all sending love and good wishes to your sister and wishing her well. Thank goodness you are happy with your mobility scooter. Pete would be lost without his as he can actually get around. He struggles to walk anywhere because his back is still so painful and his breathing is up and down so the scooter is amazing.

I do understand what you mean about winter as I dread it on Pete's behalf.

You take care and look where you are going. xxxxxx :)

Thank you to everyone for the kind wishes for my sister. I'm happy to report the operation went well and she was out of bed the following day, and fingers crossed is home tomorrow. I'm amazed how wonderful medical science is, just wish they could fix lungs as easy.

Kim xxx

Good morning Kim. Well done so glad your enjoying you scooter. I've had mine about 12 months now. Fantastic for whole days out. I have it with me in Europe. I get some funny looks & people stare but I just smile & say hi. Works every time. Several people in the village have one now after chatting to me. Going to London is a doddle. I book assistance on the train because they have to get ramps out. I had to contact the accessability people & they organised an assessment for London buses. I think I'm vertically mobile defiantly not upwardly mobile. Have fun xoxoxox


I am enjoying it but not half as much as my family who want a go every 5 minutes. And as for the public I spend my entire time saying 'Excuse Me' loudly, and my ramps have arrived this morning so I'm hoping for more freedom. Fingers crossed.

Kim xx

Well done you & bravo on taking the leap and embracing change.

Do stay away from the curbs, it can be so irritating when people are chatting and blocking your path - I don't have a scooter, just a fast walker when I'm well!

Happy travelling Kim. P xx

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