Good evening/morning,

Another sleepless night here so pondering away...

Can I ask if any of you wonderful people have your own oximeter and if so what make/model?

Going to look into getting on to monitor my oxygen sats as they seem to be all over the damn place at present but there are so many out there that I'm not sure if I should go for a cheap one or one of the higher end ones that record data?

Help and advice much appreciated.


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  • Hello AmythystAngel,

    I have one...I don't need o2, but respiratory therapist said they're good to keep on hand just in case. Mine was $35 US and the model is ReliOn. Dr compared it with his, and numbers were always the same. It measures o2 sat and pulse rate...it does not however record data, I do that.

  • Got mine from Amazon

  • me too

  • Thank you for your comments Beeperoni and Bevvy,

    With been awake all night it has given me time to read reviews for the various oximeter a on Amazon and I have finally decided on one which had a lot of positive comments... Just waiting on delivery then will see how it goes x

  • Mine is from Clinical Guard.com Model:CMS50DL.I compared the readings to the one used in the GP's surgery & found it to be very accurate.It was not expensive,under £20

    from memory.

    Good luck.

  • I have a "Biosync" which shows oxygen and pulse. It has given many years of service. Available online at Amazon for under £20.

  • Ditto, me too. I got it due to good reviews and that it can be used for babies & small children too. My biosync comes in a protective pouch you can put around your neck - obvs not for sleeping in!

  • I first bought one from Walgreens for 50$ and it was okay but when I saw my doctor he said his favorite was a NONIN so I got one of those. Now if I can just stop dropping them! I hope you get some sleep!

  • Is there anyway you could put an elastic band around them punkyb? That way it may help you keep a better grip and not drop them.

    Hahaha still wide awake... Must be the steroids 😞

  • Thanks ...Well I could try that but I think I am going to get a retractable cord to put on it...

  • Good idea 😊

  • Good Morning Amethyistangel. What a lovely name by the way. Sorry you had such a bad night. No answer to your question just saying hello hope you have a good day.

  • Thank you Nanaeal, still wide awake here so might as well give up on getting some sleep.

    Here's wishing you a good day also.

  • Im one of those people that are a bit fussy, I won't buy from Amazon. I bought mine from Argos for £60, beurer is the make and does me fine.


  • Thank you for your comment Jjude,

    I started off looking at the Beurer ones from the Betterlife/Lloyd's pharmacy site but then ended up reading all the reviews for various ones on Amazon and decided on one from there.

    Hope you have a good day xx

  • Ive just noticed you don't live far away from me Amethyst, Im in middlesbrough.


  • I have one and always take mine on every visit to the nurse/doctors and check it against theirs, as I read that they may occasionally need recalibrating. here in the UK to have this done will probably cost more than a replacement...bad I know, but we are turning into a throw away society. I paid about £30/£40 for mine from Amazon about two years ago, and it's still working fine, and it's had lots of use !!

    Velvet xx

  • What brand do you have Velvet? I have a choicemmed. How do your oxygen levels run. I'm usually 97-98. When walking fast, I will go down to 96. When sitting, I am 95-96. Don't make sense to me. Shallow breathing, they say.


  • Hi Ruby

    I normally 'tick over' around 94/95 when my pulse is 70/80.

    When I have done anything that ups my pulse.... Over 100....my sats drop to 92....not good eh !

    As for the brand. I am downstairs at the moment on my second mug of tea, I need three, trying to wake up properly. I will have a look later and get back to you.

    Velvet xx

  • I hate the fact that we are becoming a throw away society. The one I have ordered was just under £20 and seemed to have the most positive reviews x

  • What oximeter did you go for in the end AmethystAngel? I've been looking at them and Nonin seems to be recommended but they're quite expensive. Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep!

  • It's an Annapulse by Anna Wiz Ltd. seemed to have the best reviews so went for that one. There is so much choice when it comes to the oximeters.

    Have given up on sleep, been awake all night and still wide awake so no point in trying to force sleep. Need to try and stay awake though so that I sleep tonight x

    Look it up on Amazon it comes up as the number 1 seller in oxymeters and was a good price.

  • I have had the omron for years. I bought it from Amazon. I am on oxygen 24/7 M x

  • Omron was the other make I was trying to think of earlier but have ordered one now.

    Thank you for getting back to me though 😃

  • I have one, can't remember the brand name but it was pretty cheap............. however we are all different with this disease and I don't use it as an aid, only as a very rough guide.

  • Only wish to use it as a rough guide as feel so ill and short of breath after walking/moving around for a while.

  • I have got one ,,,,but the copd nurse at PR said ,,,,,don't become a slave to it ,,,,,she said really all you need to know is ,,,,what your O2 is usually when your well ,,,and when your not well ,,,,,,,,so if you get one take a reading every day when your well ,,,,,,then put it away ,,,until your feel poorly ,,,then use it every day while your ill .

    She did say ,,,,she would rather her patients didn't have them ,,,as patients rely on them tooo much ,and not how they feel in general ,,,,,,and she was right ,,,when I first got mine I was checking 5/6 times a day ,,,,and of course it varies,,,,so now ,,,it's back in the drawer,,,,and I only use it if I don't feel well ,

    But if it gives you peace of mind to have your own then buy one ,

  • I'm wanting one as I really don't feel well and the advice from the BLF is to have a oxygen sats test done after a good six minutes walking. My GP surgery have said they don't know how they can accommodate that, so I shall do one myself. Get very short of breath when moving around and don't see the consultant till the end of this month.

  • Hi,

    I have had my biosync oximeter nearly 4 years from amazon £20 at the moment my sats have dropped they are 87-92 some doctors have just shrugged it off, a new GP at the surgery is worried about it and I was checked over at A&E also CXR as I was having chest pains when coughing, but sent me home after test being inconclusive.

    I bought one for a friend at Lidl £20 that has O2 pulse and 60 memories, next time they have them on offer I will get myself another one.

  • Ohhhh will have to watch for those coming in to Lidl as I'm sure it would be handy to have a spare.

    Hope you get to the bottom of your chest pains soon, keep on at your doctor if you don't feel right.

  • As one of my doctors said after I was first diagnosed with COPD, "Oximeters are nice to have around, just to kind of keep your eye on things but I've gone over where your oxygen level should be and what you should do to get it back up there, you really shouldn't go too hog-wild about them though".

  • More to keep an eye on things when and if needed. But do need oxygen sats testing after walking just to see where they are at.

  • Hello Angel,I bought the Biocync model in April 2014 for 17.95 from Amazon.It,s been fine just a basic model only had to renew battery once ,recently.Technically they,re all much of a muchness so I would,nt spend too much on it.I do find that my "sats"bare little relation to how difficult it is to breathe,Best of luck D. 🌺

  • Ahhhh so I shouldn't hold too much to the reading (once it comes through from Amazon) and how I feel. Will try and remember that as it's all pretty new to me.

  • Hi Amethyst, I purchased one for our group, any one feeling under the weather uses it at class and checks out their level periodically during exercise, very useful . I bought it on line cant remember name but they varied from £10 to £15 upwards , we got the £15 one as it has a heart monitor as well , perfectly suitable , if you google them you can read up on them first. good luck .

  • I use mine all the time to see how I am doing. By all means get one . Most drug stores or Internet has them for about $35. They all seem to work o.k.

  • I bought this as a backup. It looks very similar but a whole lot cheaper ! :)


  • I also have a Biosync. It's three years old now and it's never gone wrong.

  • I have a Biosync, had it for years it wasn't expensive

  • AmethystAngel If your O2 goes all over the place, it will be difficult tracking it!!! No, serously, I bought a TempIR. they have a website denofgoods.com It cost me £29. I didn't want a cheapo thing. This one has worked well. I had it for over a year..

    The thing to remember when taking the measurement on your finger, don't cover it with Nivea or some such, because the cream forms a barrier.

    I had to change the batteries pretty quickly, but the new ones I got from the chemist's last and last and last (Pff I'm out of breath after this) Mic

  • It's on next day delivery Mic so should be up and running with it tomorrow... Hahahawish I could run, in fact I wish I could walk at the moment.

    Will be interesting to see what my sats are, just hope it's all explained in a leaflet as I have no idea what's good n what's bad. The fact that oxygen sats might be ok but I might still be out of breath is a little confusing also but I'm sure I will learn as I go along.

    Kind regards,


  • hi ya all, I bought my oxymeter from amazon a few years ago, never had any problems with it, I take it to my doctors once every two or three months and my doctor checks it with his, it gives me exactly the same reading as his, I also got a rubber cover with mine, I did pay £20 for mine but it gives me peace of mind. I hope this help you in some way. take care, talktalk-18...

  • Hi I bought mine from Amazon around a year ago and it was £20.00. It is accurate against the nurses one. Just taken my sats and they are 91 which seems a bit low. x

  • Your sats do seem low coughalot, have you mentioned it to your GP?

    Hugs x

  • Thanks for all the good information. Seems I don't have to buy an expensive one for it to be accurate

  • I got mine from Amazon.com. Reasonably priced and definitely helpful. You can get one without spending a lot of $$$. If you need more info contact me at lanivhols138@roadrunner.com

  • Hi there.

    This is Monty from P-MediCyp ltd and we are experts in Home Medical Equipment and working with Fingertip Pulse Oximeters for 20 years now.

    Indeed, a lot of models with different pricing.

    If for cheaking Saturation pressure from time to time- go for this one- it is affordable, precise and very convenient.

    A finger Pulse Oximeter that can work for years.


    We do have also the premium product made in Israel, the SPO 6000 that medical staff like a lot, it has 24 months of warranty

    One of the clear advantages and unique features of SPO 6000 fingertip Pulse Oximeter is the Auto Spot technology for motion artifacts and low perfusion.

    The SPO 6000 is completely nail polish tolerant, no matter how dark the color of the nail!

    have a look here


    I hope this help



    P-MediCyp Ltd


  • Thank you for your reply.

  • I Have an IHealth one it was around £50 +

    Had it almost 2 years works fine can't remember where I bought it.

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