Ecstatic - pulmonary rehab

I am going to the last day for PR tomorrow (Friday) really sad. 5 weeks ago I couldn't run for 50 yards. Hyperventilated and had continuous panic attacks due to not being able to breathe. Tonight I ran 2 miles without a break. Hard to believe it's really me.

I am going to continue with the exercising and running 3-4 times a week.

The Great South Run 5K is on my list on 24th October and will hopefully be running to raise funds for the BLF as a thank you.

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  • I loved my two PR courses and like you very sad when they finished. Well done on your result. Love Margaret x

  • Wow Hungry

    You must feel great! 😊

    Thats sure something to be proud of.

    What an inspiration for us all.😊

    Even better would be if we knew your fev1. Also your oxygen levels. Those of us with similar numbers, would be very much encouraged. I'm so happy for your success. Please keep us posted 😊


  • Fantastic! The best of luck - keep running! Xxx

  • Brilliant!!! I bet you feel great. Well done. xx

  • Great! Well done. Keep it up xx

  • HungryHorse, that is awesome...we are all so very proud of you. Keep up the good work 👟👍😄

  • Wow fantastic. Well done what an inspiration.

  • Well done, Hungryhorse ! I am impressed and extremely jealous ! Keep it up.


  • That is great, I start a Rehab course on Monday and am looking forward to it, hope it can make me run!!

  • Very well done Hungry, that is serious progress in 5 weeks, you'll make the 5k easily in October, just go steady and keep at it, it is amazing what the body can do


  • Well done Hungryhorse,

    You should be really pleased with yourself after all of the hard work you have put in. An inspiration to us all 😃

  • WOW !!! well done .keep it up .i'm not able to go to rehab ,due to my other illnesses

  • Oh Hungryhorse63, this is so fantastic.

    I can tell you as an old veteran of the Pulmonary Rehab and of the gym, that this is the answer.

    Of course, you will still have to watch for bugs ( Just as I do just now with the newly diagnosed pseudomonas in me) But that's the spirit of the Lung Foundation People. Never give up! You are on the road to a better life (sainthood? OH well :-) )Mic

  • I am 75 have bronchiectasis and actelectasis

    Even a small incline makes me out of breath and I cough struggle to get my breath. I live two stories up in an old house so stairs too I am slow at ! Is it best to keep pushing myself-or give in and move to a downstairs flat ?

  • Hi Grace-olive, I've just seen your post. What did you decide to do?


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