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A quick update.mattcass

IT seems I have to have two Oxcygen machines at home and be on it 18 hrs day it's going to be a long slow process but Hey!!! I'm still here.mattcass

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Keep at it Matt.

Thank you Puff.matt

Well done matt, let them look after you, I was on 24 hours a day after a particular bad pseudomonas infection, thought I was going to meet my maker, but because I was good and did as i was told I was soon down to 16 and am now on 8 hours just at night and then my ambulatory, keep looking forward.

take care

polly xx

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Thank you Polly.matt

You are still here!!! Thank the gods! You keep fighting Mattcass - I know you can. xxx

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Good to hear from you, Matt.

Another chapter......

Glad you are being positive Matt. I am on oxygen 24/7. But it's better than the other option. M x

Keep on looking on the bright side Matt, Polly's experience is all good and is something to aspire to. Your still here and life is good. x

You just keep on going Matt. Love to you and Fran. xxxx

Yes, you are still here and doing well.

I'm also on O2 24/7 and it doesn't really stop me from doing anything. A long hose in the house and portable tanks when out in the car or on my scooter. Don't let it get you down.


Hi Matt,so sorry to hear you've been in the wars! I'm sure you will get used to the oxy soon.Just think of it,as another medicine!

All the best to you & Fran,

Love Wen xxx

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Love and best wishes to u!!!! Positive mental attitude seems to work. Keep at it. X

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