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Hi guys, I am currently awaiting treatment at hospital for very low iron which I thought along with being a very busy full-time working mum was the reason for my chronic exhaustion. Whilst looking at reason for the fratige, I came across some article on Sleep Apnea and a lot of the systems, ie waking at night with a pounding heart looking for breath, constant need for a nap after trying to 10 hours sleep a night made we think this might be the issue. The other problem is the NHS in my area have a 42 week waiting period. I am becoming very anxious as my private health care provider won't cover this condition. I am waiting to hear back from my GP but know I am getting anxious about bedtime when all I want is a good nights sleep and to feel rested. I am 46 and slightly over weight so trying to lose weight, sleep on left side, no alcohol. Can someone die from sleep apnea or should the body waken up ( I know dramatic but I am really scared ). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I am sorry if this sounds wrong and am not trying to make light of your problems - But it sounds as if you are suffering from stress related problems - Is this keeping you awake worrying about life etc

    Have you any one who could help you with being a full time mum

    I am a worrier and can't sleep if I have something on my mind

    Generally your brain wakes you up when you stop breathing

    Best Wishes

  • A close friend of mine has sleep apnoea. He has a special mask to wear at night. I don't know why you have to wait so long.

    I feel you need to go back to your GP and say you really need to have help sooner.

  • One of the symptoms of anaemia can be breathlessness as well as fatigue. I wonder if this is affecting your sleep..

    Best wishes

  • I am 65 nearly..Aug, I have sleep apnoea have done most of my life it would appear. I do exercise Mon to Fri for thirty mins which helps my balance in breathing. Keeping calm is imperative. I used to have palpitations, breathing is the key....to being calm.

    I use at night my nite water breathing machine...it gently blows air through my airways...it's not oxygen it's air! Now getting one of these machines and it's no bigger than a steam iron....ask your Doctor. Use it as the mere fact that your body is not being forced to waken you to breath umpteen times a night. You will feel refreshed and guaranteed to look and feel younger.

    My Doctor informed me you WILL WAKEN AT NIGHT IF YOU STOP BREATHING.!

    Before my machine my dog, since departed, used to get up and walk on the floor clickity clike and that always woke me. Audrey Jersey. Hope this calms you.

  • Hi

    All I can say is don't panic, I suffer with Sleep Apnea and I am confused as to why it is taking so long to get refered it should be a simple porcess of an appointment witht he clinic, they will give you a sleep study kit , basically a data logger and some things to wire yourself up with, which you need to wear one night and return next day.

    After a couple of weeks when they have checked the results you should go back and if it is confirmed, they will issue you with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and mask which you will need to wear each night and I certainly found it transformed my life and I began to sleep well again and my wife tells me I don't snore when I use it.

    It takes a little getting used to especially when being set up and getting the pressures right hence in your first year they will call you back after 3 months to see how you are getting on, after that it is an annual visit and machine check and new mask.

    If it is confirmed, it is a DVLA notifiable condition and you declare it to them, You only have to stop driving if the doc says so, so don't ask him, just notify and carry on driving stating condition treated and contrrolled, the criteria is 4 hours a night on the machine to remain compliant, each machine has a data logger so they can check compliance.

    Oh nearly forgot, all the above assumes you are in the UK as this is the system employed by the NHS.

    Go check and see if you can get refered earlier and good luck.


  • Thats very interesting information about dvla. I have to have a sleep apnea test at the end of the month and didnt know that if it comes up positive you have to declare it as i dont fall asleep when driving only when im a passenger

  • It was the driving element which prompted me to get treated. I used to commute Reading to lincoln each week for work and used to pull over for a 15 min nap just past Oxford to get me home. I was always suspicious I had the condition.

    My turning point was riding my motorbike up the M1 and feeling myself nodding off !! I limped into the service area and hadf a good rest before proceeding, I was in the doc the next day asking for a referal.

    Intersting to note, he opened his computer and listed the hospitals which treated and we made an appointment there and then online at the hospital of my choice, that was around 8 years ago so i would have thought the system would have improved by now.


  • Well i saw chest specialist last month and he wants me to have it done as im always tired even if i keep myself awake all day and go to bed at a reasonable hour i wake up from five to ten times a night and never feel like ive had a good sleep or feel refreshed in the morning. Glad you have yours sorted out now hope i get sorted soon as tiredness n breathlessness is not a good combination lol


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