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Here I go !

Morning all,

Off for my appointment with the respiratory nurse today at my GPs surgery. I have a lot of questions for her that I feel need addressing thanks to you guys who responded to my previous post ' Advice please '

10 months ago I was packed off with my inhalers and left to ' get on with it '

I am a lot more informed and assertive now since joining this group.

I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Assertive Velvet xx

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Brilliant hope you get on alright ,if she's trained it will be like a breath of fresh air to know what they have to offer. People with ongoing illness like me can see a doc or nurse anyday also get a persrcription straight away, I have fought for that,I just walk in when I like and get seen that day , good to know what's available incase you get housebound. Good luck.x


Good on you Velvet. Ask what you need to. I too have got most of my knowledge from this site. x


That's the spirit Velvet, this site really has given me the confidence to ask questions at my spiro test too. I hope you get the answers you need. It's always a relief to get this yearly test over and done with. xx


The best of luck Assertive Velvet! xx


I wanted to say have a good time, I think if the nurse is nice and helpful, you will. Mine is full of the joys of spring. A mine of information.


Hope it all went well velvet and wait to hear about your experience. Wishing you well. xxxx


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