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Is there such a thing as chest clinic?

Hi All

Diagnosed with Copd (after having asthma for 30 years) in 2008, 62 now. On loads of meds and home nebuliser. Friends keep saying I should be under a chest clinic. Is there such a thing? I have never been referred to a chest specialist or hospital for Copd. I just see the nurse and doc at my GP surgery.

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If things are managed well with GP etc you won't necessarily be referred to chest clinic..... Some areas do this as matter of course other areas only if GP can't deal with it.


Thanks Bevvy


Yes most hospitals have a Condultant that specialises in chest conditions, but it is a battle to get appointments.i had an app for six month follow up in Nov 2014 and I am only now got app to see Dr at the end of July.

I think so many people with breathing related illnesses not enough Staff.

But most are good as all tests can be done on site.

I think it also depends on where you live.


My husband has severe COPD and has for over 12 years and has never seen a specialist. In our area they take the attitude that if you are coping and your condition is stabilised the GP looks after you. Although I did find out that there is a specialist respiratory team in our area but you need to be referred via the GP. After a particularly bad infection I asked for a referral and they are very helpful. Just to have a number and ask advise - the nurses can come out and visit and fast-track to a specialist if necessary.

If you feel that you need more help or that you are not stable - ask your GP for a referral. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx


That would be a fine thing. A chest clinic, maybe set one up in the docs surgery, no they forgot to train pulmonary nurses as cuts.....that nice.....idiots!!!


No. chest clinics were terminated by Mrs Thatcher. I attended my local C C after my GP referral, the chest specialist told me I had TB immediately made an appointment with a Liverpool Consultant Surgeon who visited the CC every month looking for victims...sorry I mean patients. 6 months later after a lobectamy I was pronounced fit for light work. Now we have a hospital doctor called a chest consultant

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Thanks everyone.


My local hospital has a respiratory clinic. I was referred there some years ago. It is a centre of excellence for Cystic Fibrosis and other chest complaints. We have a special unit of suites for CF patients with video conferencing between rooms so the patients can stay in contact with each other but not come into physical contact.


There is a respiratory ward for patients with COPD, Bronchiectasis and other lung diseases, with several side wards for those with infections like pseudomonas etc. I usually end up in room 4. All beds have nebulisers and oxygen beside them. It's brilliant. There are several consultants who hold clinics at the hospital every day. I thought all hospitals had these facilities.


Birmingham has its own Chest Clinic hospital set in the centre of the city, i was under this hospital for about three years being treated for copd. In December after being hospitalised with an pseudomonas infection and then being diagnosed with Bronchiectasis it was decided to treat me at the main hospital.


My general practice, two gps and a nurse, cant seem to make up their minds whether I have copd or asthma. I smoked 20 a day for 30 years but not had a fag for 10 years now. Sometimes I cant get a deep breath. Had swollen ankles and infected bites while on holiday. I was given inhaller initially and improvement was massive overnight. Then got mother of all urinary tract Infection and was peeing blood

.. Thought I was going to die. You all seem so knowledgable out there? Have I gor asthma or copd?


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