In praise of proper prams!

In praise of proper prams!

this was our pram in the 1960s and I was so proud of it! i loved the comfort it gave the baby - in summer lying kicking under the canopy and in winter with a hot water bottle wrapped and put at the end of the bed, and the waterproof apron fastened down. We had lots of steps to our house then and I had to take the pram down first and then the baby in case we had slipped. then the same in reverse when we got home again. the baby was higher and away from car fumes, unlike todays prams. iris x

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Yes I had a silver cross high coach built pram ,so easy too push and been able to see my daughter I would walk miles ,take a few sandwiches go to the local park

I was so pleased when my daughter said she wanted a silver cross high coach pram when my granddaughter was born 26 years ago

Guess who bought it

What a lovely pram and canopy. I think they are so much better for babies. I put a post on Facebook today. One Granny has said she is going to turn the seat round on one of her grandson's pushchairs. He has two, one forward, one back.

My two Sons were born in the sixties,and most Mums had coach built prams like yours,so much better than the strange things they have today, our prams were built for comfort,and looked elegant.

i agree they were better than what they use today. I had my first three children close together and used the same one. At one point all three were on the pram at once when i lived in Wareham. It was a long walk to the village and too far for the eldest at three. Baby lying in then pram chair at the back and third child in between hood and chair. The balance was good and not too many curbs to go up and down. When i came back to Leicester it needed some welding doing and so had to go. Next pram wasnt so strong got rid after one baby. So i'm glad to see that Prince William and Kate have one.

Hope all are ok. been struggling bit with sob but keep going and when it gets to bad use inhaler and stop sit down and rest.

Sending all hugs and best wishes. XXX


I think we had the best design then. I have a photo of my husband in his pram, he was born in 1929, and they were not so attractive, very deep carriage. of course we did not have to put them into a car. My pushchair was quite large too. I remember a bus conductor saying, as I passed the chair up to him, "what have you got, a giant kid?" he must have had a hard day! iris x

Elegant & practical, much nicer than the child carriages of today. Love Margaret x

Lovely pram Iris and anyone should be proud to own one like that. I agree with you, nicer than today's cumbersome things. xxxxx

I tried one of those when my friend had her baby , she is tall and I am not I could not see I've the top . X

This is lovely...and the wonderful sun canopy!

Iris, this is wonderful. My mum must have put me in a pram briefly, but I cannot remember it. All I remember is my mum pushing me in a pushchair, Down a steep street, shw would launch it and run behind it. I was so happy with this, I used to say, Again, again! But then my mum got exhausted she told me! I cannot remember when my mum discarded the pushchair. I became a good walker and we used to walk in the woods around Brussels, where I was born. I really loved woods. My mum took me there lots and taught me lots. I think I got my imaginative spirit from these walks. I became very good at describing things in writing. It also helped that we had had two dogs, one boxer, the other a dachshund (very found of running after squirrels, always barking at the tree where the squirrels taunted him from very high up! Cheers, Mic.

Hi M ic, I think very few of us would remember our pram days. I do have a memory of being in a high chair, and also a pushchair. I was being pushed up to our local hospital during an air raid. I had tripped after jumping into our air raid shelter and crashed into the concrete at the back! I had a mouthful of cake so couldn't breathe! Bashed my nose - that stays in the memory! Love Iris x

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