Are you able to help us make our information better?

We’re starting a review of our information about how you can get the best from your doctor.

It’s online here:

Do let us know what you think! Please send us any tips you’d like to add that have worked for you.

Is there anything we’ve missed out? For example, should the information cover access to your records?

If you are interested in helping, please let us know your views by going to:



19 Replies

  • Hi

    Both links 404 error page not found?

  • Ditto stone. x

  • Aye same 404 x

  • Couldn't get to the page said it was the wrong address? Would love to see the page though.

  • Neither links working, and only error page 404 is appearing. Hope it can be fixed soon.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Yep just tried it and found the same. x

  • Same for me.

  • Same as 404 error

  • Hi, are you able to make the information visible ?

  • links don't work! ?

  • Sorry, links are incorrect.

  • Same here: page 404 link not found.

  • Give us the link then!!

  • links to 404 error

  • Think this is the correct link.

  • Hello Happy,well done for finding the link and to the BLF person.....It seems to be quite comprehensive and I can think of nothing to add.Keep on breathing!D. 👀

  • Had a look and printed it out will glance through it after my shower.

  • Same problem as others , Error 404 page not found.

  • Couldn't get it...would like to read it though!

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