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I once bought one of these cold preventatives, but on reading the leaflet enclosed didn't use it. I think it said might cause nose bleeds or something like that, and having then recently had two very heavy nosebleeds, was afraid to use it. would like to have something to prevent colds though, so if anyone csn give more information would be useful. iris x

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  • Hi I have never used it but have heard others talking about First Defence which can help stop infections. You can buy it at the chemists. I think you spray it up your nose or something. I am sure someone will be in soon to explain it better. x

  • thanks, Cough, its the nosebleed risk - I guess if the product is sealed I could ask the pharmacist about whether there is a risk of nosebleed.

  • I use the First Defence spray Lyd...never had any problems with it but I can't find the information leaflet now so don't know whether there is a risk of nosebleeds from it or not...your Pharmacist would know.

  • thanks Vashti, will ask in the chemists. would be nice to find something that keeps those germs away, makes you feel anti-social but no kisses for me please if anyone has a cold!

  • Boots do a gel, Nasal Guard cold & flu block, never used it myself though but worth a try maybe.

  • I've used both Nasal Guard Cold and Flu block and First defence and haven't had a problem from them. I do sometimes get a scabby nose from this condition and then use a simple warm water and saline nasal/sinus wash to soften and heal things up.

  • Hi Lyd,

    I have used First Defense a lot but I am not prone to nose bleeds. Putting tea tree oil around your nose before going where other people are is very good. holland and Barrett sell zinc tablets which you suck when in crowded places, trains, planes etc. You can also suck them if you start to get a cold. Zinc attacks the DNA in the virus n the throat. Does seem to work. There are also some not bad tasting zinc and vit C dissolvable tablets. I hope that some of this works.

  • thanks stillstanding, I will definitely get the zinc tablets and the tea tree oil.

  • Iris,

    I make my own preventative. almond oil for softness, Bergamot because it smells nice ( I forgot wht else it does, but I know it may be an antibacterial) and a bit of Teatree oil - not too much, because it's very strong. I have a whole bottle of almond oil ( manufactured by Care, not expensive at all) to which I add say 15 drops of bergamot, and only 3 or 4 drops of teatree. I also friction my chest and back ( as far as I can!), my throat and ... my moustache! So I can really smell the stuff!

    Gargle with a good mouth cleanser - I use Dentyl Active every night. It does my teath good by keeping them clean. I don't know, this isn't scientific. I put it on a little cotton bud that I can G/E/N/T/L/Y rub the inside of my nose (onlly rub lightly, not ramming the thing in! It might make you sneeze! I'll hear you from where I live (Kent). Cheers, Mic

  • thanks for that M ic, Kent is not far from where I was born, Woolwich L ondon. Welling Kent was quite close to where we lived in Plumstead, Shooters Hill.

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