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My dad

My dad has lung cancer and Copd very bad his breathing is awful his on 2 oxygen and has a nebuliser and pumps his on steroids also but when he gets home from another hospital stay his breathing gets bad he looks after a friends great danes could they affect his breathing at all?also when his home he cant breathe so cant get help i think he needs a panic button of some kind but one where he doesnt have to talk to an operator can anyone help please

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Dog hairs can cause breathing problems.

Try the following for telephone.

Also have a word with your telephone provider they may offer a service.


Social Services may be worth a try.

Good luck.

So sorry to hear your Dad is so unwell.



Hi he might be able to get a panic alarm free. Otherwise he can get a paid service. If he is over 55 he should be able to get some advice from Help the Aged etc. x


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your dad's poor health. your clearly very worried about him.

I'd say yes, the smell of dogs can effect breathing. I have a Patterdale and I've noticed when I snuggle up to him, I suddenly feel short of breath. It might be time for your Dad to give looking after the dogs, it's a job he could do without when he's so poorly. xx


I'm very sorry to hear this about your dad - very nice that he's got you to look out for him.

If he gets worse even relaxing in the dogs presence then it could be. I'm no expert & I'm guessing it's possible to develop allergies. Stress isn't good for him, however, perhaps the dog de-stresses him.

My Chocolate Lab Fred used to spend time with the kids father when he was very poorly. Exuberant Fred always calmed down for him, sat as near as possible so Bob could just reach down to have contact giving him much pleasure.

You could call the BLF helpline 03000030555 for some advice? They are very knowledgable indeed. Call in office hours.

Good luck to him. P


You can get a panic alarm which you put around your neck from social services. Give them a ring on behalf of your dad.......hope this helps and good wishes to you and your dad at this very trying time....Vicki..x


Sorry to hear your dad is so very ill, social services should be able to do an urgent assessment of need in view of the cancer diagnosis, which you can request by telephone. Free alarms are usually issued after a fall ect but they are quite cheap to have from Age UK on rental. The free ones are usually supplied by local councils for those who live alone and are at risk. Dog hair can impair breathing, but on the other hand are good companions and relaxing. Your dads GP should be able to supply some community help via the practice nurses or your own GP could help on the grounds of you being a concerned relative or carer. Take care at this difficult time and hope this info helps.


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