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Always get a second or third opinion on your scans!

Great idea to record the conversation.I managed to get one of the top people in UK to look at my CT results.I spoke with the original radiologists that looked at my scan and they seem to have mixed up some said bleb(which is harmless)the other said nodule(which is scary)when i questioned her she said"bleb or nodule"its all the same.but actually they ate totally different!.tommorow i shall complain to the was a good move to employ a top radiologist to really look at my scan properly!.it seems these NHS radiologists are really overworked and rushing interpretations.which is frankly,dangerous.I advise everyone to always get a second or third opinion even if you have to pay for it.

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Absolutely. I had a CTPA in September 2013. The radiologist found no abnormalities and in particular no Chronic Thromboembolic disease. A year later the same scan was analysed by radiologists at a Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit. They found areas of scarring, attenuation, various other abnormalities and - crucially - evidence of Chronic Thromboembolic disease. I read the reports to my brother on the phone. There was a stunned silence and he said "It doesn't sound like the same patient let alone the same scan." Luckily my consultant was absolutely in favour of second and third opinions.

So a degree of scepticism is helpful with scans and probably any test results.

My Hospital will send Xrays to Australia at night time as it allows people that are awake to look and diagnoses better ?

Yes i heard that too!,thats great isnt it!

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