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I see that the puns seem to have been removed from yesterday,if this is the administrators who have done this,I am horrified that one person can influence this site on her first day of joining,we all need laughter when fighting in my case a terminal disease,so what happened to our rights of freedom of speech,I suggest if others feel the same we should all send a message to the administrators showing our displeasure,answers please admin,did you remove them,and explain why.Sooki.

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  • HI Sooki,

    I have just found out that the post was deleted, and suspect it was by the admin staff, as Stone warned last evening, that unless the one "offensive" line was removed, the entire post was in danger of being removed.

    I 100% agree with you on this, and have every intention of contacting both BLF and HU over this, and if others feel the same I would ask them to protest as well.

    A lot of us do not have much to enjoy in our lives, and for a humorous post to be removed under the circumstances is outrageous, and I will not let anyone or any illness take my sense of humour.

    Stone also mentioned there were a lot of complaints over the post, which is a bit hard to accept unless lots of people just jumped on the bandwagon of "racism", when in fact it wasn't.

    The behaviour of this new member was suspicious as it is not normal for any new person to post for the first time so aggressively, when presumably she has joined for support, advice and help, so why make a huge fuss about a funny post.

    As you say, we have rights too, and the posts which were allowed to remain up for long periods during parts of the recent troll activity was wrong, and then this harmless post is removed promptly.

    The complainant didn't have to read it, and could have dealt with her attitude in a much more controlled and rational manner.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi Huggs, I am wondering how Stone would know that there were many complaints about the post???? Thanks,

  • Hi Jenss,

    I was wondering that myself, and I did ask him, but didn't get a reply. Its a pity the entire post was removed as all the replies have gone too. On the actual post itself there was only the one complaint, so how Stone knew there were many complaints is open to speculation.

    Maybe he will come on and enlighten us?

    Please Stone?

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • I will back you, Sooki all the way. I meant to read those puns myself. My choice in this "so called" free country we live in. Those living on this planet that dont give a toss who they upset and more importantly who they kill. I remember when this country was relaxed and had its own identity. Why shouldn't we talk amongst ourselves and feel at ease. Say no more, Pergola!!!!

  • HI Pergola,

    I know someone who copied the puns to share around among her friends, and am going to ask her later on for a copy. I will send you a copy if you wish too.

    Azure will still have a copy too I would imagine so we could contact her too.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Yes please, Huggs. I would appreciate that. If only to see what upset the mods. If they feel so strongly about the content of our messages, why dont they publish guide lines!!

  • Its now been done.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • I would like a copy too x

  • And me please huggs xxx

  • Okay 02, you should have it now.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • And me Huggs please! XXX

  • Hi Nikkers,

    You should have a copy now.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • They have been reposted xxx First line is Grim Reaper

  • I have sent you a copy now Mandy.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Me too please xx

  • It has been done now chopsticks.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hugs, have no idea what is causing such upset but it is regrettable. Perhaps you could enlighten me or send a copy of original "whatever it is". Thanks juney

  • HI Juney,

    I have now sent you a copy with a brief explanation of what happened on the thread that was deleted. It is very unfortunate that the admin chose to delete the entire thread as then you would have been able to see the behaviour of the complainant, named limlylee or something like that.

    She should have made her point in an adult way, without being so aggressive and irrational, and then she would have been afforded more sympathy, and we would have thought that she was at least being reasonable.

    I will probably get reported now for saying this. lol

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • If anyone reports you for this, Huggs, then we really have reached the depths of despair. Thank you for your replies, they are very much appreciated. Obviously, I am never going to be allowed to see the remarks made from this Limlylee but we really don't need people like this around us, either on this site or off it. Glad you are now feeling well. You are dreadfully missed when you are not posting on here and you have been so kind and helpful to Scottish Jimmie (and others). Take care. Love, Juney

  • Bless you Juney, and thank you for your lovely kind words.

    Unfortunately, none of us can see the remarks made by the complainer.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Can I have a copy pose xx

  • Hi Sooki, I agree a very strange world we are setting upT for ourselves where no one seems to be able to have fun any longer without offending others who have a right to criticise and object at a any opportunity. To me I cannot understand how the jokes were offensive and I would think that I would think the same if I was a Muslim. If there were really many complaints I guess HU had to react and take the jokes off to allow everyone enjoyment of the site.... Try not to get worked up over this..... Hope you are well xxx

  • I suppose the BLF doesn't want any trouble, it's not that long ago that people died in France ..........

    because of a 'cartoon'.

    huff xxx

  • I am with you. I read the puns and I am not sure what "they say" was offensive. I enjoy the jokes, puns, quizzes and banter on this site. I also know there is a serious side to this site and I have gained an awful lot of knowledge but for those of us who are alone during the day the jokes etc lighten ours days. Please don't take that away from us.

    Kindest regards

    G J xx

  • Hi

    I believed that no 13 was borderline offensive, to which I reported as such knowing it would be controversial. As I was haveing trouble with the Report button as other members who contacted me where I am not sure if it got through.

    With regards new member, she was correct in raising her objection to the one item out of nineteen, for which she found to be offensive which could have been acted on. Her comments where directed at the post. Which is within the guidelines.

    The comments that followed where directed at the thread, where not in keeping with the guidelines, this is how it escalated in to a argument.

    Humour like COPD is a umbrella term not only is there many types of humour but people have different senses of humour.

    Being adults what should have happened was for originater to remove the post edit out no 13 and repost, this would have removed all the negative threads and allowed the post be enjoyed by all with a clean sheet.

    This method worked when I advised BLF to repost a post that had been blighted.

    We should be adult enough to look at our actions and make concessions if and when required it is a open forum and as such what we write is scrutinised by many different people who if they complete the signing in process are allowed an opinion they don't even have to have a lung condition.

  • I dont agree stone..........being adult is to read a joke and see it as a joke

    Im disgusted that its been removed after i was one of the members who the troll aimed at last time.....i was accused of putting inappropriate photos of children online and pretending im ill to get close to people on here so i could get information from them to scam them yet not once did i hear from admin.

    Taking the jokes off has made an issue of something that wasnt an issue and this sort of screaming of racism and offending is what makes creates hatred and wars

    Ive read lots of jokes that i didnt like for various reasons and ive read posts that i dont agree with but thats life we behave like adults like you say and not scream and shout abuse at someone who did nothing but try and cheer people up

  • Hi

    Apparently being adult worked, the post as been reposted with the number 13 removed.

  • It has nothing to do with being an adult, I personally contacted HF to say line 13 had caused upset and could the line be removed if possible.

    I don't see that it was anyone else's business to report it. Much less imply there were "lots" of complaints.

    We have been taken over in this country by the Politically Correct Brigade. In my opinion, they do more harm than good.

    Yesterday, I removed a post of my beloved dog Sammy, because it upset a bereaved owner.

    I don't know what to do for the best now. Do I stop posting puns and jokes? Not post photos of George?

  • Hi

    The issue as been resolved, continue as before giving pleasure to so many.

  • Im offended by the new member implying im a racist because thats what she did as i am one of the people who laughed and enjoyed the puns

  • I checked at least 25 sites with that joke on it. None had any complaints.

    I also contacted my daughter who lives abroad and is married to a Muslim. He found the joke funny.

    Why didn't the Administrators just remove the "offensive " joke instead of the whole thread ?

  • I suppose we can't put the YouTube video of Frankie Lymon singing I put the Bomp in case we offend some newcomer with some of the lyrics.

  • Read most of your replies and agree that humour is humour. I don't really like smutty humour so I would choose not to read it. I laughed at the puns and never once thought they were particularly offensive. Do they thing these people don't have a sense of humour. There is enough bad in the world without censoring our humour too 😣

    GJ x

  • Don't like it? Don't read it...simple when you think.

  • That's exactly what iI did Vashti. Now that's what I call Adult.

  • It's disgusting that the post was removed. Are we not allowed to have humour anymore. There is always someone who wants to cause trouble. Keep posting please and want to see pics of George xx

  • I never saw original post but there is not a joke that can be classed as offensive after all its just a joke.there has been loads jokes about scots and it doesn't bother me I just laugh same as everyone else.from what i see here there's only one person that has made a big thing of it. I think that person thinks they run the forum.because that same person has defended every troll that has been on here.


  • It has been reposted Tam, First line is Grim Reaper.

  • OMG

    .... Whats the big deal about puns now?

    Pretty soon there will be nothing left on here. Barely anyone posts anymore.


  • Oh ruby i agree with your comment 100% im not sure what happening to our much loved forum but it has lost something lately it just dosnt feel the same on here as it used too since we had the trolls on here....well thats how i feel anyway

  • I don't agree with you velvet! This is MY COUNTRY and I will say whatever I choose! I would never be rude to anyone without reason, but when I'm expected to be quiet about some of the atrocities that are perpetrated in this once lovely land of ours, by those who think they have the right because their beliefs are different - no way will I be quiet! It's all the "quite" ones that have allowed this country to get into the mess it now is. It's estimated that 80% of "true" Brits are not happy having to be "tolerant" but just too unsure what to do about it?

    If any of our Government leaders had any backbone and lived in the real world something would have been done about this long ago. This country is too small to carry on like this and I, for one, am glad that I'm

    "on my way out" rather than "on my way in" and I truly fear for my descendants.

  • I agree with you Nikkers. Whatever happened to free speech! I will say exactly what I think is right to me and no-one will stop me. This used to be a democratic country but there are so many "do gooders" around that people are now feeling intimidated. We need look no further than Mr Cameron who will fit in and do anything just to pacify. This is not what we need in leaders, we need people who are looking after the people of their own country. Only yesterday I thought I was on another planet when I read in the paper that we are harbouring "another" terrorist who can't be deported and to the grand tune of £50,000 a year benefits. This is where Mr Cameron should just say "out you go" and to hell with all the "do gooders". It is too late after another atrocity has been committed. Don't mean to go on but all of the above is just touching a raw nerve with me. If you don't like the posts then don't bloody read them. Or is that too much to ask.

  • I entirely agree with you nikkers. My post was a sarcastic dig at the PC brigade and how they try to force their views on us all. I am a true Brit through and through and am sickened by the way this country is heading..

    Misunderstood Velvet xx

  • Hey Velvet my dear, what about the Ageist Brigade!!!

  • I will beat them with my walking stick !!!


  • I find puns and jokes generally tedious (I know, zero sense of humour) so don't bother to read them usually. One did make me laugh out loud a few days ago. A laugh to cheer us up when we are struggling to get through the days is no bad thing so keep coming with the puns and jokes and the pet stories.

  • I have enjoyed some of the jokes and puns, if there are some I don't like I just dismiss them from my memory. As Sooki says, when fighting a terminal disease I need some humour to lift my spirits. We all have a different sense of humour but surely are adult enough not to be offended. I'm half Irish and half Jewish, if I took offence I would be offended a great deal of the time. Love Suzyxxx

  • Amazing and typically English to grovel to one section of the community. I agree with Nickers, this is my country and if you are offended get over it!

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