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Muscle spasm

Hi all ,hope you are all enjoying the slightly cooler days/nights ,,,,

I'm having a problem with lower left side/back ,,,,,it seems when I get up from chair a bed I am going oooo and holding my side it's about where my waist is ,,,as if muscle goes into spasm ,,,,,anyone got any idea of why this could be happening ,I only ask because the first time it happened a few weeks ago ,,,,,my back seemed to stiffen up and there was lots of ooos and ouches ,I thought up was better ,,,,but ,,,

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I get that muscle spasms,it would be nice to be able to get a relaxant for it, docs do not want to give u anything that makes you feel better,stupidity as usual because they do not have our life!!!!!thats about it.


I asked for Valium or xanax


Sorry you to have this problem ,,,,but relieved I'm not on my own ,,,,,I think I'll go to the health shop then and ask for a relaxant something like

Nightol maybe ,,,,

Thx for replying


Nanny, Do be careful with " Nightol' and such like sleep remedies. There are some chemicals in them which could be bad for people with breathing problems!


Ooooops,,,,,,hi Lolly2,,,never thought about that ,,,,good thinking ,thankyou ,


Hi there,

I get muscle spasms like this off and on. It seems to depend which way I try to move. My lung specialist said, "You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs." Apparently the pain is from the inter-costal muscles ( the muscles between the ribs,) and other muscles around the chest going from inactivity to movement.

I have found that the spasms are a good indicator of when I have done too much. If I am standing when it hits, I sit down. Sometimes it is the other way around. It's not a very scientific-type pain, and, it would seem, there is no quick fix. The best advice I have is to stop what you are doing, take some deep breaths, and then gently try the movement again. I am getting used to this happening after the spasms began about 7 years ago.

Maybe you have strained a muscle and it is just taking its time to heal. Take things a little more slowly if you can.....great advice from me whose GP laughingly says "Slow down," all the time!

Love Lolly. x


I was told I could increase some of my meds. but that would have made me sleep all the time. I do not want to be zombie-like during the day.


Hi ,thankyou for replying ,,,it's seems strange I put muscle spasm on copd page ,but that's what my illness is and I wondered if the two were connected ,,,,

You could be right about slowing down ,,I have been pushing myself at the gym the last few weeks ,,,,( follow on gym from Pulmary rehab ) I keep trying to do that bit more each time ,,,I'm aiming for 3klm on treadmill at the moment ,,,,I think I will slow it down a bit,,,,it was really bad a few weeks ago ,,,I was in church stood to sing first hymn ,,,,,and OUCH ,,,, had to sit down through the service then the drive home I think it ceasedup,,,,,that was agony for a couple of weeks ,,,thought it was better last week ,,,but got up in the night ( loo) and ouch again ,,,,,if it's muscle spasm ok ,,,,,but I was worried Incase it was something to do with my lungs ,,,,

Thanks again I'll slow down ,,,,when I can ,,,but it's flower club tonight ,,,,so must go greenery hunting ie: ivy ,,,tree ivy ,,,etc ,,,,then do the arrangement tonight ,,,shopping day with my friend tomorrow ,,,,gym Wednesday ,,,,,go to visit family Thursday ,gym Friday ,,,,,oh SATURDAY ,,,,,,I can rest then ,,,,,then church Sunday and so it goes on ,,,,

Hahahah ,,,,good job we can laugh at ourselves isn't it ,,,,,ouch ,,,,



I get a similar thing on my right side. It got me one day at the park and I had to sit for a while until it eased off. then I stood and held the back off the bench, doing a ballet type exercise. I waved my leg back and around. It helped a bit and my friends came walking up from behind, laughing their socks off.

I am not exactly built like a ballerina!


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