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Still here Thank God.


The hardest thing in the world is when your Wife and Son has been called to say goodbye because you won't make it through the night even the intensive team could not do anything. But being a typical Scot once I gave out my pin number hey I'm honestly life is so precious I have another chance and done a lot thinking in 5 days. MATTCASS

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Stay with it fella got everything crossed - And don't forget fresh air is free (no offence) so keep sucking it in - What was your PIN ??? :P :P

Thinking of you


mattcass in reply to Plumbob

Was it 4444=5555=6666=7777 must have forgot.

Plumbob in reply to mattcass

Love the sense of humour :D :D :D Maybe that's why I used to prefer going to Murrayfield rather than Twickenham :) had many a good day there (that I can remember :P :P)

Stay strong my friend - I'm routing for you :)


So glad you're still with us Mattcass! Take it easy now and get as well as you can.

I do hope you're starting to feel better Mattcass it must have been awful with your wife and son being called in to say goodbye.

Stay strong.

Sending you hugs

Love Sheila.

Acka. etch 45.


Hello Mattcass

Phew, that was a close one, I am so glad you are still with us, and it seems so is your sense of humour. I wish you a speedy recovery, so you can get that pin number changed !!

You are right, life is precious, stay positive.

Velvet xx

You keep on trucking Matt. Sorry things are bad for you just keep on being positive. You take care of yourself for your family xxxxxxxx

Hi Mattcass

You have been in my thoughts recently and I wondered what you were up to. Little did I know!

I am so relieved for you and Fran that you could remember that PIN number. I am also relieved for us here too. We've missed your banter. Keep it coming.

Chris x

Glad you came through this Mattcass, and it must have been terrible for you, and your family. A close call like this does make you think about things, and to have another chance is fantastic. I hope you feel much better and get your strength back soon.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Well done Mattcass you have ,true scots blood in you

Please take care we all love you


Hello Matt, good to hear you are still with us, what a fighter you are, keep strong and positive, make big plans for fun times, sending hugs to you and your family,love huff xx

Hi Matt,glad u pulled through not meant to go yet,but what a worry for you're. Family, oh dear,keep fighting many years yet before they can get your pin no. I forgot about that. 🌞💰

Glad your still with us Matt. Having had a similar event at the beginning of the year, you look at life differently. Get well soon M x

So glad you stayed Matt, i bet your family are over the moon too. As you say, life is precious. Keep strong, love Margaret x


So pleased to hear you are still here! You must have some will and strength! Take good care of yourself, with lots and lots of love and kind thoughts TAD xxx

Looks like you've just gained membership of the 'survivors of icu' team. Welcome aboard

Tina x

Blimey MC, what the heck have you been up to. As Dozy just said welcome to the ICU survivor club, a place that you try to avoid but once there you tend to look on life a little differently, after all a second chance is something not to be wasted.

Arthur's Seat, that little mole hill, is still on then MC, one day we'll run to the top and like Rocky were gonna punch the air, shout at the world were still here and going nowhere. :) .

Now get some rest and try to stop giving Fran and the family any more scary moments.


That must have been so frightening for you all. So glad you fought your way back to your lovely family. Keep fighting.

Take care

Kindest G J xx

Hi Mattcass, sorry you had such a close shave. Must have been upsetting for all of you. Take care and I am sure you will feel a little better soon, you sound much better already x

Hi Matt, so glad you pulled through, now is the long haul to get as well as possible, just take it easy and take your time. What a great sense of humor you have.

take care


Hi Matt, I had no idea of what a close shave you've had. It must have been very traumatic for all of you and it must have shaken your wife and son terribly.

Your a tough one though and I'm so glad you won the battle.

Rest is what you need now to recoup your strength which, hopefully, won't be too long.

Angie xxx

Glad to know you are still here Matt and wishing you and your family all the very best. Thinking of you. xxxxxxxxx

My goodness you must be one tough cookie Matt. Huge warm welcome back into the bosom of your family - and the wider one right here!

Thinking of you. Peege x

Funny that worked with my Partner and his Mum - both are from Yorkshire LOL. Glad to hear you are still with us and long may you be so. xxx

So pleased that you are getting better. What a fright for you and your family. Wishing you a good recovery xx

Very worrying time for you and your family Matt. You are made of very strong stuff my friend. So glad you are back and well enough to post and with such humour too. Well now I'm off to spend some brass - just acquired someone's pin number!

Keep well Matt.

love cx

Hi Mat

You must be a fighter ..keep it up my freind

Good luck

and very best wishes



Good for you,you are an inspiration to cowards like me!.god bless you and keep you safe!.huggs jx

Well done Matt,remember to change your pin,D. 👍 👀 👍


well done and wishing you many more years xx

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