Veins or tubes help

Hello everyone I'm in need of help again, I'm still wretching the copious amounts of mucus up two or three times daily and considering weather breathing a bit poor, but I have developed three like pipes !!! Or veins or something from under my rib cage they feel really weird , I have booked to see gp , but wondered if anyone on hear has experienced same ?? Thanks xx

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  • could have given yourself a rupture maybe !!!

  • Hi neo, I don't think so they feel more like a long pipe or veins quite soft and a tad stingy , they seem a bit too narrow for a rupture but I'm not sure, thanks anyway xxx carol

  • Well let us know how you get on after seeing the Gp Regards and Huggs Neo

  • Thanks neo will do xx

  • ONE X Carbocisteine 375mg capsul ever 6 hours will loosen your mucus 100%. Neo.

  • ok fibberti thanks, well its 100% for the 30% anyhow. Neo.

  • Erdotin may help, it a stronger version of carbocystein.

  • Hi Just a point that may help some - Carbocisteine didn't work for me in the early days, possibly because I was so plugged with muckus. But nearly two years later, and much clearer, I still had some left. When I got a cold and made more mucous than usual I tried them again.. and were great help!!

    So maybe the Drs give these people when they are drowning in it, and it appears to have no effect... but when they aren't too bad it helps? Maybe worth a 2nd try to improve things for you further?

  • Any thing is better than nothing to ease this suffering from he many comp;lications that come with this dreded COPD.

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