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Liquid Oxygen tank supplying portable tanks

Liquid Oxygen tank supplying portable tanks

Does anyone use small cylinders filled from a larger liquid oxygen tank

(supplied from a NHS oxygen supplier)?

1. Where so you keep the larger liquid oxygen tank? I understand it cannot

be kept in the house or flat.

2. Does this very hot weather have any effect on the liquid oxygen in the tank.

3. And what litres per minute do the smaller portable tanks go up to?

Thank you.

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Hi Sarcoid - I recently had to provide space for a large storage vessel which keeps my portable flask topped up and had similar concerns. On investigation it appears guidelines change in different parts of the country and who the supplier is (my is supplied through the NHS by BOC )so it's best to check with them. I am sure they will be allowed in houses or flats in certain conditions including letting the fire brigade know but the supplier will probably do that. The liquid oxygen does evaporate quicker in the warm weather but that should not be an issue that will affect you greatly just have to order more frequently. the portable flask I use contains approximately 700 litres of liquid oxygen and if I use it in the house I tend to sit it in a small plastic container as it tends to condense and the water can wet the carpet. The unit can provide up to 6l/m generally most people use it on 2l/m (I'm on 4l/m) Obviously the length of time it lasts is dependant on your individual use. The main storage vessel has to be stored away from other potential inflammable dangers such as naked flames, aerosols paints (though water based paints are ok). Mine is stored in a shed. Because there is so much conflicting advice out there the best thing to do is find out who your supplier is and contact them. I found BOC very helpful. Hope I haven't confused you ?




Plumbob as answered the question well, speak to your provider they will send an engineer to do a risk assessment. I live in a one bedroom flat it was fine until I mentioned first floor, they will not carry up stairs.

It as to be in a place for you to be able to use safely and free from any fire risk.

Beware the flask can be up to 2.7 kg in weight there are lighter ones, again one to check with you supplier.

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Yes i have two portable cylinders that i fill as required from a large liquid O2 tank. Each one lasts about 2hours at 8lpm. I store my large tank in the extension off the kitchen. No problem as long as you have asmoke detector fitted which the fire brigade charity installed for me. Good luck and happy travelling


Thank you everyone for your advice.


Hi, I used to use this system and keep the main tank outside my back door under the cover of a clean compost bin. When I started to get wet going out to fill up I covered it with a gazebo. Next the gazebo blew away and the whole thing seemed like a bad idea so I started to keep it in my dining room. I use a different self fill system now. Each as it's positive and negative points. I've been using portable o2 for about 5 years now so have tried lots of different ways. Good luck x


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