a smile as we get older :)

[1] When your knees buckle but your belt wont !!! :)

[2] when somebody you consider an old timer - calls you an old timer !! :)

[3] when your back, goes "out" more than you do :)

[4] when you don't care where your spouse goes - as long as you dont have to go along :)

[5] when getting a" little action :) " means you don't have to take a laxative :)

[6] when it takes longer to rest - than get tired :)

[7] when your clothes go into your overnight bag,,,so you can fill your suitcase with pills :)

[8] when your idea of changing scenery- is looking right and left :)

[9] when you want to be nostalgic, - and you cant remember anything :)

[10] these are three signs of old age, !!!

the first is loss of memory.!!!

................and the other two,,,i forget :D :D

the best i can do for now :D

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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  • :)

  • Good one Jimmy and so good to see you you back and on form.

    I've trued several times to send you a pm but It seems I can't not sure why. Think of you often & keep you in my prayers. How is your daughter. Best wishes Nan

  • Oh Jimmy Jimmy you are a star. Had a terrible couple days. Spent all day in A & E and CDU yesterday just got in from Chemo. I won't use the word on the tip of my tongue but ****** off. Read your jokes and still laughing.

    Felt all the pent up tension and stress ebbing away.

    Thanks my lovely wee jovial Jock.

    Love SUzyxxx

  • Oh Suzy! posted and messaged you but have had wifi problems here. So sorry to hear you spent all day in A&E. Hope you are feeling better now - you are in your mind anyway as you have been laughing - always a good thing. Laughter is the best physiotherapy if not the best medicine - even if it does make you cough and cough and cough and cough! You will need a couple of days to get over all this won't you? Bless you. I would say message me whenever you want but we are going to be away from early tomorrow until Monday. The ipad just won't get onto this site - well it will if you wait days for it to get on! Also don't know where and when we will actually get wifi anyway. Keep going, sweetie. Just think what it has taken to get you this far.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Will be thinking of you and praying you are getting through this. Sending healing vibes over the ether.



  • Hi Jimmy, about sums I up; made me laugh. Are you feeling better? Thanks. Love Margaret x

  • Love them all but 4 and 6 are my favourites. Hope you are doing Ok, its been very hot down here in Herts and did not suit me at all on Thursday, hope tomorrow will not be too hot. Love Iris x

  • Thanks for the laugh

    x πŸ€ xx

  • Brilliant Jimmy. Number 7 really hit home for me. Hope you are doing a bit better hun.


  • 4 and 7.....you and Vashti have cheered me up no end. Thank you

  • Hello Jimmy, I'm chuckling away to myself! πŸ˜€ Hope you are feeling much better πŸ˜€ hugs huff xxxπŸŒœπŸŒ™πŸŒŒπŸŒŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ’™

  • You are right about you and I needing a suitcase to put our pills in but the trouble my old chum is that the case is so darn big that I can't lift it. Rib

  • Jimmy's back. enuf said :d x

  • Nice one Jimmy. 3 & 4 for me ! Hope you are on the up xx

  • :-)

  • Good morning Jimmy How very true and very amusing,loved number 4, Do hope you are feeling better,I know things have been rotten for you. Very best wishes, Bulpit

  • Nice one Jimmy, nice to see you back on form.

  • Nice one !!

  • πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Nice to see your back to your usual self Jimmy, :) won't say back to your old self or you will tell me off :) Poem is oh so true but funny none the less x stay well enjoy your weekend although the weather is a bit unpredictable. Got some form filling and letters to do myself now my daughter-in-law has gone to see her mother up your way.

  • Hello Jimmy made me giggle as it sums me up to a T.

    Keep them coming

    Velvet xx

  • Jimmy that was funny and I can relate to a number of those. M x

  • Hi Jimmy, I'm 56 tomorrow but alas my lungs are probably aged at 156. Yes I am smiling :) along with you and can already relate to most of your list Ha Ha.

    Never mind eh' old timer and thanks for the laugh, your a star. :) .


  • Great stuff Jimmy....and oh! so true. Lovely to have you back, we've all missed you. Take it slowly - you'll get there. Nikki XXX

  • Made me laugh this morning, thanks Jimmy, hope you are getting better.

    Take care

    polly xx

  • ha ha lovely.

  • Hmmm - 6 and 7 resonate for me Jimmy. Good to see you here again, in such good form, and telling it like it is :D

  • Made me smile jimmy and yes, some of those apply to Pete and I and no, I am not telling you which ones. Lots of love, Carole xxxxxx :)

  • Think I tick all those boxes Jim (except being old :) ) certainly brought a smile to my face :D :D


  • Love it πŸ˜‡

  • will answer all later, had an "uppy, downy night" :D but ok.

    i remember telling the occupational therapist, when she asked me about my "thoughts " , i told her [seriously :D ]

    " i keep thinking of the "hereafter"

    she said "oh jimmy why are you thinking of this !!

    ,,,,, " i said "well every time i go into the kitchen, i say to myself ,,,,,,,,,"what am "hereafter :D" ,,,,maybe an old joke,,, but a true story :D :D

    speak later,, lots of love to all ,, jimmy xxxxx :D

  • Love this!! Thanks for the laugh ! Definitely needed today have a great 4th!

  • thank you jimmy glad to see you back xxx

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