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I know that if you have copd it is progresive but sometimes i am reading some info on copd that if you get diagnosed early enough at mild or start of moderate and stop smoking it can slow the progresive down or HALT it.

So i wonder if this is true all very confusing.

Best wishes everyone


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I got diagnosed with very severe Stage 4 emphysema just over 4 years ago. I had given up smoking for another reason and suddenly found I was gasping for breath after walking a few steps.

Anyway, 4 years later and it doesn't seem to have got any worse.

Keep active is my motto.


your right there puff has always feel good after a treadmill walk or swim

good luck



That is so true but sad to say I gave up for 2 years and went back to it :( I know everyone is shouting silly women :(

Seems like I have a really bad addiction to the dreaded wead and I could cry every time I light one up. This year after 35 years of COPD my condition is worsening now have got to have a echocardiogram 30 July what the blummin heck is up with me? Rose


Rose, I do hope you can give up forever. My Dad used to give up for years at a time the longest was 9 years and he started again. He didn't smoke a lot but had done so for a long, long time. He did finally quit but only had a few years before he died then. My partner counts himself as a smoker who chooses not to smoke - as they tell you in alcoholics anonymous. Maybe if you look at it like that it may help. The worst times are at weddings and celebrations - when cigars get handed around and he has to decline. Especially at my nieces wedding 2 years ago where her Dad had got a load of duty free cigars after he spent his 60th Birthday in Cuba - my partner is from Yorkshire so I am not sure if it was the cigar that was tempting him or the fact that it was free and had hardly cost anything to the person offering it ha ha. Good Luck.


Rosie, dear Rosie, if you had given up for two years, what in Heaven's name possessed you to start again? I am not being holier than thou, or hyper-critical, I am at a loss to see where you are going now. Everyone who smokes has a really bad addiction to the dreaded weed! It goes with the territory...smokers are addicts!

Quitting smoking after 40 years was the hardest thing I have ever done, so when I quit, I knew it was N.O.P.E. (Not one puff ever) from then on. One day as I was fighting a huge crave to smoke, I put a cigarette in my mouth and held my lighter in my hand. I stood that way for about half an hour, with tears flowing down my face, as I did not want to lose my quit. I knew if I gave in I would never ever stop smoking. I made it to the kitchen, and ran water on the cigarette as I crushed it in my hand.That was a very defining moment.

Rosie, I understand you, and your addiction.

Good luck with your echocardiogram.

Love Lolly. x


Hi Music I was diagnosed 11 years ago gave up smoking and the next 3 years my level never changed this was because I looked after myself and did not go near anyone with flu. On my 4th year of being diagnosed I got the flu it knocked me straight off my feet I had never been this ill with the flu before it soon turned in to a chest infection.

I now have the lung capacity of an 82 year old I'm 53 I don't believe you can stop COPD but you can do lots to keep yourself healthy.

On this website we have a person called Stilltruckin read some of her posts they are very interesting


Hi onarmission

and thanks for info and i will check stilltruckings posts

May i ask if you know what stage you were diagnosed at 11 years ago and what stage you are now.

best wishes



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