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After taking advice from a few people on here i phoned the blf and they advised me to speak to the doctor and tell him that i am within my rights to go to a respiratory clinic. I phoned and spoke to him and he agreed that he will refer me after i spoke about what the blf told me. I am glad i am going, but really worried what i may be told. Still got this itch in my throat and still think its lung cancer cant seem to shake it and i have to admit its making me feel sick and i am having problems not being able to eat nor sleep well. I keep getting hot flushes during the day, and it comes when i am feeling really anxious its horrible. I feel like i am living alone in some nightmare. Thanks for listening.

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  • hi Melrose I wouldn't worry about it, you will just make yourself more ill, atleast now your going get an appointment, then you will find out whats going on, just try keep calm in meantime.


  • I know it may be hard but try and stay calm. The more you worry the more anxious you will get giving you more hot flushes. This will make you even more anxious.

  • I am having loads of hot flushes they are so horrible xx

  • I'm so glad to hear this Melrose. I hope the appointment comes quickly and settles your mind. It's not nice to have these worries, as others have said, they make you feel worse. All the best. xx

  • Hi again....are you taking the anti anxiety medication that your GP gave you, I was wondering if they had kicked in you know how long it takes? Could your husband maybe read the leaflet with them if you are too anxious to do it

    I am so sorry you are feeling so worried, I know sometimes it can feel as if you are in a glass bubble cut off from the rest of the world.

    How are the rest of your family reacting to your cancer fears....can they take you on an outing this weekend just to get out of the house.

    Take need our Huggs to give you a virtual hug...keep posting if you need to.

  • My mum and dad said i should trust in what the doctors tell me about all my clear results blood and x rays. Its easier said than done. Not sure when meds will work i am sure they are making me worse. Sweating and waking in fear tiredness and nausea. I do feel as i am in some sort of bubble nightmare trying to get out. My brother said to me today that i have had this cough for this long and it would have shown on x ray i think i need to start listening and at least trying to calm down xx

  • Hi again Melrose, I do hope you feel less worried soon . If your anxiety gets worse over the weekend you can always ring111 and tell them what medications you are taking or ask your pharmacist for advice.

    The pharmacist may have something to ease your cough.

    Best wishes and take care

  • Glad you have got something done. Good Luck.

    Let us know how you get on.



  • Hi if you had lung cancer it would have shown on the x-ray. it didn't so you haven't got it. Trust us. Please stop these obsessive thoughts as you will only develop health anxiety. Good luck with your appointment. x

  • Sorry. When i posted earlier i think i was in the middle of sheer panic.... Yes this is what my hubby keeps telling me too. I think i have become obsessed with this a bit, and got it into my head this is what i have. Sorry to everyone for my outburst, I think i am having one of those days xx

  • That's ok love we all have them from time to time. I was just worried you were going to make yourself ill through anxiety. x

  • Yes, i to am a bit worried. I do suffer with HA but it seems different this time, as the cough was there before the panic. I am not very good at being calm xx

  • Severe anxiety is a terribly isolating condition to try and cope with, especially when it gets so bad you can't eat, but, you have to try and calm down, at least until you get your consultation. I know it's easier said than done but if you don't, you will get weaker too.

    Your going to see an expert now and they will soon get to the bottom of your cough. xx

  • Glad you had good advice from BLF and that you are now getting the appointment. Easier said than done but worrying so will not change anything. Hope you have a very positive consultation.


  • Well done for persisting - don't worry now at least you are being referred. Take good care xxx

  • Thank you so much for all your advice. You truly are all lovely people xx

  • We aren't we? :d x

  • UR,RU?

  • :) Meant - we are aren't we... x

  • Sorry do not understand?

  • Sorry i meant do not understand this xx

  • Look forward to your time at the respiratory clinic, Melrose. Just think, you'll be sitting down with someone or two who've been working in the lung and throat business to become experts, and enjoy settling peoples worries. When you first sit down with them, open your heart to them. If this might be a problem, with strangers, it could make you reticent, so why not make a list of how you feel - all the time and those occasional times. Everything from shortness of breath, through panic attacks - and even itchy ears, if you get them ! Nothing is too trivial for the respiratory experts - they love a challenge - and a list makes sure you don't forget anything.

    Take care,


  • I will try to. Not feeling to bad today been round to see my mum and dad. Trying not to panic. This is all new to me. xx

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