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Hi there folks. I wonder do any of you live in Deal? I went there last year a few times and really enjoyed the lovely sea air. I felt it was the right sort of place for someone with COPD and breathing problems to move to. I would love to hear from you and get an idea of what the local hospitals are like and the sort of treatment available there for COPD and bronchiectasis. Just a thought. I don't know anyone there of course but it is so polluted where I live that I think sea air is wonderful. xxxx

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  • Hi Stillmovin1, I don't know where Deal is. I do know I love the see air I finds my sats are better at the seaside. Hope it all works out for you. M x

  • Hi Mocarey - Deal is in Kent, on the coast. I don't know a soul there and live alone here but I have friends and family here. It is a difficult thing to think of moving and I dread the thought of feeling isolated but I live in such an industrial and polluted area here in the London side of Kent (it is getting like that more and more in Greater London now) that my lungs are suffering! xx

  • I don't know Deal, whether it's higher with cliffs but I'm sure sea air, even if it's a little damper in winter is better than London or any other city - until diesel is done away with.

    I'm a Londoner born & bred. I moved away last autumn, spent the winter in France by the sea & now in Gloucestershire where the air is less polluted.

    i would have preferred the sea but I know my kids will always visit, my youngest was born here & they all went to school here & we all still have friends in the town so it wasn't such a total wrench.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. P

  • Thanks peege. I am just dreaming right now I suppose. I only have connections with London and thereabouts. I live alone & I can feel isolated here too (although I have lots of friends and interests) so I don't know how I would be in a place where I knew absolutely no-one!!! The thought is quite scary! However, I have always been much better whenever I have stayed by the sea and my breathing is getting bad here with all the pollution. I just can't help feeling that I am in the completely wrong environment for COPD and I don't know what on earth to do!!!! xxx

  • It's deffo a tricky one. I'd start with day trips, spend more time there so it becomes more familiar. If you can afford it have a holiday there or rent somewhere.

    When I sold up in SW19 I gave myself the winter in France with the possibility of staying there permanantly and ended up here instead! I'll see how the winter goes.

    The woman I bought from, in her 70s, moved to Ilfracombe without knowing anyone there. Brave move

  • Thanks peege. That's reassuring to hear. xxx

  • Hi I did have my family here when I moved, but they didn't know anyone really and I had to make my own life and my own friends. I have a friend who lived in the Isle of Mann then Spain and finally moved here at the age of 71 not knowing anyone. She is very sociable and gets herself out and about and has made friends. I do admire her for that though. x

  • Hi I lived in London for many years though am originally a Mancunian. I love going back but wouldn't want to live there again. I only moved because my family were here, but as it turned out that was lucky with my copd. I can't help wishing though that they had moved by the sea to the home counties though as it is a long way from anywhere here. x

  • Oh I have a friend who lives in Stow on the Wold. Lovely part of the world. x

  • Hi I have never been to Deal but I think Kent is quite flat. I live by the seaside and it is high up and hilly and am convinced that this is the main reason why my FEV1 is holding steady and even improving a bit. The hills are a pain and you really need your own transport but it is worth it for the breeze and sea air.

    I find with copd I often feel 'closed in' and somewhat claustrophobic but looking out at the lovely views gives me a sense of freedom and space. I know I always feel healthier when I take the dog out especially down the beach. x

  • I know what you mean about feeling closed in! I feel like that in the winter months mainly. I was in Broadstairs with friends yesterday for a short day out and the sea air was amazing.xxxx

  • Yes I find it counteracts the suffocating feelings of sob and I always wish I was a bird and could fly anywhere in freedom. x

  • Hi Stillmovin - I live not too far from Deal. It's a lovely town and I visit quite often and have friends there. Music is very much part of the town's identity, they have a festival each year - classical mainly.

    Re respiratory healthcare, there is a wonderful respiratory team which Im pretty certain covers the area, same team as covers where i live (Whitstable) and I couldn't be without them. Currently doing PR with their physios who are wonderful.

    I was in hospital in March and although the triage process was a bit trying (e.g. the first nurse i saw had a virus - I asked - and came over to see me with no mask and was very dismissive when i objected) BUT when i finally got to the respiratory ward the care couldn't have been better. There are three main hospitals in the same trust, at Margate, Canterbury and Ashford. They have had some bad assessments and as with most hospitals there are some problems but overall they deliver very good care.

    Peege's suggestion of doing more visits is a good one and if you come down to Deal again I'd be more than happy to make a time to meet up with you.

    I moved to Whitstable from east London where I could hardly walk in the streets. Although my copd has progressed Im convinced this has been much slower than it would have been had i stayed in london.

    x :)

  • I live in Dover, which is about 12 miles from Deal, or a short bus ride away. if I could find a place there I would move in a flash. The open air markets are great and they have 1 indoor market by the council offices. The long stretch of shingle beach is ideal in summer, and the local fishing boats are picturesque. They sell their produce to a local fishmonger on South street, which happens to be the bus terminus . I cannot remember if the cottage hospital is still there, the main ones are as 02 said, Ashford, margate and Canterbury, but saying that they have rebuilt Dovers' Buckland hospital in Coombe valley road.

    The cliffs start about Kingsdown area, so Deal is fairly flat. Winter can be nasty as the town lies roughly on a north/south alignment.

    the respiratory team has their office up by the cottage hospital, so all good.

    Bus links are fairly good, with a train service to Walmer and Deal.

    Think I'd better stop, as starting to sound like a travel brochure.

  • Great to hear all that toerag. Thanks v much. As I said to O2, I will have a look around soon and see if I can get a feel for the place. I know the centre of Deal is lovely but if I was there I would obviously not be living in the pricey centre! I have heard the winters are quite harsh down there as you mentioned. Thanks for the info on the hospitals and respiratory care too. Public transport is very very important to me, not having my own transport. I hope you do get a chance to move there one day as you love it a lot. Wish I could win the lottery! xxx

  • Hiya, glad we're still looking at this 👏 I do think the winters by the sea would be preferable to the pollution of London.

    Remind me to let you know how my first winter here (with unhealthy lungs) goes. I won't be able to spend the winter with my son in S of France this time. My young Nellie will have her 1st baby in December. (In London. Doh)! She'll need her mum so I'm working on being healthy for her.

    Every day here I am more pleased. I have my own little garden (which I didn't in London). People are very friendly and when my pup can go out next week? - everyone loves a puppy. X

  • Thanks O2 for the very helpful feedback. I will pop down there soon to have a reccy. I know it is the nice bright summer season however, and things take on a different light in the winter months when I suffer most from my symptoms, however, I just want to spend some time getting more of a sense of the place. Moving is something which is not going to be easy for me to do right now due to health, treatment and finances but I think it's important to start looking at this stage. I will let you know when I will be around to have a look at the place. Probably not for a little while yet but hopefully not in the cooler months either. Glad you are happy with your move. I have visited Whitstable for the day last summer with a friend and had a pleasant walk there. Quaint place! Of course, these nice places are always slightly different when you feel alone and don't have your own transport and in the winter but I will have to think carefully about it all. xxx

  • Yes, do let me know Stillmovin and if I'm free i will certainly drive over and meet you. The Black Douglas is a lovely cafe on the seafront, don't know if you've come across it yet.

    Winter is a problem in these north and east coast towns, that is definitely something to think about. I do most of my exercise indoors then as it can be too cold and windy to go out but I manage fine with that. Im pretty sure there is a Breathe Easy group fairly near Deal so that would give you some contacts/friends who understand your situation.

    Do pm me if you would like to meet up.

    Take care, xx

  • Good to hear flibberti. So far I have lots of positive feedback. I just wish it was straightforward. I am going to make sure I know what I am doing before I try to do anything. That's me! Probably why I end up talking myself out of almost everything I dream about doing!!!! The winter months are the ones I really have to imagine myself being there! There seem to be a few of you on this forum living around that coastal area which is again encouraging. I was checking out the rail prices for a day return to Deal from London (or Ebbsfleet international which isn't too far from me now) and it is quite high (£28.00 thereabouts). I have my family and friends here and London and I keep feeling I wouldn't see them so much. There are lots of things to think about but that is why I put this post on here, to put my antennae out and you are all so helpful. Many thanks. xxx

  • Stillmovin1, sometimes there is a plume of pollution that comes over from France when the wind is in the wrong direction...but not too often.

    Look on Dover district council website, which covers Deal.

  • If you are seriously considering relocating to the south coast then you bear in mind a couple of points.

    Resort towns are full of very low income poor people out of season, so if you need to work you could be putting yourself into a poverty trap.

    Seaside towns with easy connection to London especially direct rail links, property costs a great deal more to buy or rent.

    Personally I would also look at property within an easy journey to a General Hosp with an A & E dept.

    HTH. Regards Rib

  • Thanks for your input Rib. I shall bear it all in mind. xxx

  • Another point is that you don't need to be in a "seaside town" to get the sea air. There are a goodly number of locations that are just a bit inland from the south coast that would suit. Rib

  • Nice idea flibberti! These certainly are all nice places I have heard. However, I am confined to the pockets of deprivation category. I live in social housing. Our choices are limited....xxxxx

  • Hi flibberti you didn't upset me at all. I do realise that there are lots of factors I must take into consideration about trying to move to a coastal town. I am driven by the pollution in Greater London but there are many things which I really would miss if I did move and I would not like to be unhappy in a less polluted area. I do not run a car here but there is lots of pubic transport outside my door, including a rail line up to central London. I have wonderful helpful neighbours and have great friends and local groups that I belong to and have built up quite a good network of people around me, as well as my sisters, brothers and mum and dad. There is plently of medical help nearby and lots of hospitals and pulmonary support in my area. Those are the very important plus points. The only thing is the pollution. That may not change and I think it will get worse in London and the areas around London as more roads are built or widened and more and more people seem to be using cars. There are an average of 3 cars parked in people's driveways now. I don't understand why people need so many cars in one home when the public transport here is so regular. I have some neighbours where I am who give people in the flats here (including myself) lifts to places if they need it when they are stuck. Sometimes I wonder would I find that level of friendliness and warmth living in another area. I have taken it for granted here but it doesn't always exist elsewhere! Thanks for your advice it is always well received. xxxx

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