Pulmonary rehab

Pulmonary rehab

Hi everyone :)

hope this helps someone. i attended the pulmonary rehab class near me in february and couldn't walk very far at all.(40% lung function).Kept up the exercises at home as and when i felt like it and have recently completed the St Barnabas "one night in a onsie" 10k walk,including a hill.i certainly wasn't the fastest but the sense of achievement is totally amazing.

So dont give up...little and often and only when you can..does really help :)

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Well done, Im at 43% so you have given me that bit of inspiration to carry on with my morning half hour exercise regime xx

Fantastic achievement! I've just started PR and look forward to being able to do more too. Your post is so encouraging.

FANTASTIC - you are brilliant. What an inspiration xxx

Well done. I bet you felt great, more testament to the benefits of PR, keep it up. xx

What a wonderful achievement, you should feel very proud of yourself xx

Well done - the Rehab Clinic is brilliant. :)

I don't think we have any Rehab Clinics in my area, if we have my Doctor's have never advised me to go to one, I loved to do workouts but am finding that some of them are too difficult now although I am quite agile , would love to join a group , more encouragement.

Congratulations, Little at a time comes to mind. Well Done, and to your friend also.


πŸ˜€ Brilliant! Well done youπŸ˜€ Stay well!πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜πŸŒΌ xxx

Thank you everyone for your replies.the sense of achievement is awesome and with the support of my cousin who came with me good fun too:)

Hi, Allyj

Congratulations on your walk. I, too am on a PR course and am willing to try most things, but even one minute in a onesie isn't one of 'em ! Stay healthy !


well done - pulmonary rehab helped me too - with confidence and muscle strength - but not unfortunately with walking but am grateful am stronger than I was - take care xxx

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