Doctor not referring me.

Went to my own gp today because of my recent problems with my cough, well hes not going to refer me as he sees no need to refer my. He said all tests have proven nothing and things would have shown up in my bloods or on the x ray. I told him what the doctor at the hospital , but he was not interested really. So i am on my own now. Thanks for all your advice xx

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I don't know about your practice Melrose, but we can see who we want to at ours. Can't you do that?

Young docter's tend to be more thorough I especially new ones.

I wouldn't leave it at that.

I have a tickly cough too but, it's not all day and I know it's acid causing it.

My son has been through hell with a hacking cough and it is the same problem. He's finally having an op for it.

If your tests were clear, ( yipee) do you think it could be reflux too? It's worth looking into. It makes me sick how they just leave people in distress. Go back. xx

If i had to go private it would be expensive and i cant do that as i am not in the position, so i can only do what the doctors can provide me with. This is the doctor i have been seeing since i was a baby. He checked me over in his office listened to my heart lungs got to me to blow in something checked my oxygen. He said that the most important thing was by blood and x rays and they all came back fine. 2 x rays that say normal. No not acid i am on lansoprazole for that been on it 4 years. I cant go back today has been about the 6th time in a few weeks. they say they cant find anything wrong and something would have shown by now. I feel like i am going mad xx

I am on lansarapole too. Been on it 11 years, but I had a flare up of sinitus/pstd, Was coughing up huge amounts of gunk and even vomiting. He said gerd was the cause. Docter doubled my lansarapole to 60mg and had to take gaviscon 4 times daily for 3 weeks. It calmed it right down.

That was about 5 years ago. Lately, it's been creeping up slowly again. My throat is constantly dry and sore and It prickles all the time which makes my eyes water. It does my head in.

I hope you get it sorted soon. xx

I been on it 4 years. My heartburn used to be terrible, glad i do not suffer anymore. Doctor just thinks its environmental that is causing mine pollen etc xx

I am sorry I cant help you but I wonder if the BLF helpline could advise you. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. lots of love TAD xxx

If it was allergy he should scrip antihistamine like cetirizine - it's available over the counter cheaply, too, if you want to try it.

And I know from personal experience that omeprazole/lansarapole doesn't control acid 24 hrs in everyone - I take omep in the morning and have to take a ranitidine before bed - If I miss the ranitidine I wake up with a mucousy & sore throat and having to hawk (sorry) the gunk out.

Good luck, I also experienced GPs who don't care... get a second opinion... move if you can.

He gave me something for allergy called laratadine started taking them yesterday and they have done nothing at all xx

He cannot refuse to referyou. Make an official complaint. Look at NHS choices and call the BLF helpline toget help in doing this. Ignorance and arrogance on the partof GPs is something we have to stamp out.

I rang them this morning they are going to get someone to call me. I just feel like i am being pushed about all over the place. I feel my doctors are very unfeeling they are not the ones who have to live with this. I am and its horrible. I cant live a normal life while i have this itchy throat everyday all day and its driving me insane xx

Not happy with my gp he first told me asthma than ipf lung doctor said chest pain and blue lips not lung related was sent to heart doctor now on nitro angina causing everything crazy gp put me on anxiety pills not working l not have no anxiety at least he sent me finally to the right place keep pushing don't give up its your right to no good luck get your answer lisa

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