went to E.R

Having a really bad time of things. Woke up and was coughing again thought i saw blood, felt like i was going to pass out and still having pains in chest and arm. I had an ecg that was normal bloods done that were all normal and another chest x ray that was also normal chescked my urine and they again found nothing but the doctor said he was refering me to my gp so i can go to a respiratory clinic. I have come home and broke down i am so scared its horrible. I have a really bad feeling I have lung cancer. Not coping at all and more worried than ever.

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  • Hi melrose why you worried you said all tests was clear so that's good news


  • Because if there was nothing wrong then why did they feel the need to refer me? I cant understand clear x rays and i still have this cough that will not go and i am so very tired of worrying i really am xx

  • You are not to worry...a respiratory clinic is excellent...they'll teach you simple exercises and how to breathe properly...if you had lung cancer they'd have you in a bed in the hospital by now!

    Please don't get yourself upset and distressed...there isn't any need at all...all your tests were clear...xxx

  • Hi melrose

    That is a scary experience. ER did everything they should have done and I am pleased for you the tests were clear. That's their job done as chronic stuff is not really their thing. They do however, have a duty of care and were quite right to request your GP refer you to a chest clinic. This does not mean they suspect lung cancer, just that they think you should be checked out by the appropriate people. Please try not to worry so much. If they thought it was as serious as that they would have called down someone from respiratory at the time.

    Wish you well hun and please let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • Hi Melrose, I think you said that you have a dry tickly cough not a chesty productive one.

    I found some tips today in a book written by Dinah Bradley and Tania Clifton Smith.......breathe through your nose , take sips of water often and suck sweets to moisten your throat.

    Coughing and tight chest muscles can really wear you out, so try and relax your shoulders and diaphragm, and look after yourself.

    Best wishes

  • Yes dry and tickly and horrible. Its so tiring. I will try your advice xx

  • Thanks for your replies. It was scary and it was even more scarier when i heard them talking about my x ray something about apex and then talking to each other saying about getting a second opinion and then saying its clear. I was so scared.... I have been trying to be calm, but i have been finding it very hard. I feel for my family too who are going through hell while i am having this meltdown!!! xx

  • Hi Melrose I completely agree with the others. A chest x-ray would have shown up lung cancer, so if it is clear you definitely haven't got it. That's not to say maybe there isn't anything wrong which is why you are being referred.

    There is no point worrying too much at this stage though I understand how you feel, but hopefully it will be either nothing or nothing to really worry about. Try and relax until your further tests. x

  • I blame myself for reading things off the internet for saying an a xray can miss lung cancer. I have done myself no favours really. Its horrible not knowing, yes i know what you mean, I need to relax, but just as i do the blasted cough comes on and drives me crazy. Thanks so much for your advice and just listening to me xx

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