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o2 assessment

i have waited for nearly 6 months for a o2 assessment because my oxygen level is really low down to 83 at times. but i had a chest infection and now because of that i have to wait for six weeks before i can have one. a new appointment came and its October for my next one ! it is really affecting me when i try to walk as my legs ache like mad. I am wondering if they are trying to cut down on oxygen I am sure i have read it somewhere.

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It is impractical to do assessment when you have a chest infection, as I am already on ambulatory oxygen I go every six months, the letter states to be infection free for four weeks prior to appointment although they say still to attend, also they will not assess if pulse rate to high.

Try and keep away from situations that can lead to infections, any one in you household smoking, second hand smoke is just as bad.

You can also ring you assessment team and inquire about cancellations I was offered a cancellation three weeks in advance of my original appointment.


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