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Good Morning

Just a good morning for everyone hoping we all have a good day with this mini heatwave we are having.

I was able to take my ventolin correctly yesterday, and I did feel the relief. wasn't able to do much exercise yesterday as I needed to babysit twice and it threw my day a little. But the fact i was able to play a game of hop scotch with my 4 year old grand daughter was an immense feeling because 2 weeks ago that would have been impossible.

Take care today and stay positive xx

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Hi jJude, I'm glad u found some relief from ventilin, looks like we'll need it with this heat wave today, I've had a lovely couple of days I. Sun, but 2 o'clock this morn I woke up ,breathing attack, used a whole inhalor up ,trying to get my breath back,couldn't get back to the room with my nebulizer. So u never know,but I don't think I'm gonna go out today. Stay safe.


Hi Jjude

Not much exercise yesterday ! Babysitting twice and hop scotch, well done gal that's enough for anyone in this heat. I am pleased to hear that you are feeling better. Keep having fun with your grandchildren, they give us the inspiration to stay positive, healthy and happy....I love mine to bits.... and more.

Velvet xx


Well done - I could hardly move yesterday never mind hop scotch! Have a great day xxx


Good Day Jude😊

Look at you go girl!

Playing hop scotch. Thats great.

Looks like your doing well. Thats always good to hear. Have a great day.



Ahhh, that is truly lovely 😀

Vicki x


Well Done!


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