A little tip for any of you lovely people on this site who may be suffering with cramp... Try drinking a glass of tonic water each day. I tend to keep it in the fridge and have a glass on an evening (minus the gin, lol). I find it helps tremendously and hopefully any other sufferers of night time leaping round the bedroom will notice a difference too.


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Do you think this works better without the gin? I was getting cramp a week or so ago but found that just by drinking more water it went away. I eat lots of fruit and was told banana was good for cramp - something to do with the potassium. Don't think that actually ever worked for me. If I get cramp again I will try the tonic. I enjoy the occasional G&T but couldn't tell you the last time I actually had one - ah yes I can at a friend's house just over 2 weeks ago. Before that goodness; months ago. My other half has one and I sometimes take a mouthful out of his glass and the same goes for wine these days. Very rarely have a full glass of anything alcoholic. Enjoy my one cup of espresso more these days. Don't ever ask me to give up my strong tea though. Funny how our tastes change. Maybe one day I won't drink tea either. Isn't life weird.

Life certainly is weird and I too have found my tastes have changed as I have become older. I was always a huge coffee drinker but now tend more towards tea... It seems more refreshing in this hot weather πŸ˜€

Thanks for the tip. :)

Regularly get cramp so will try it many thanks :-)

Hope it helps starveycat 😊

I suffer terribly with cramp - to the point it affects my sleep and mood. I now drink more water and oddly I bought a new pair of slippers which have helped immensely - they are warmer and provide a bit more support to my feet. I have quinine to take if I need it but a glass of tonic is nice - I use it as an excuse to buy a really good tonic (fever tree) :-)

I did go to my GP and because I have blood tests each month there was nothing he could see from those that might have instigated it - potassium levels/salts etc.

Marie x

Hi Marie,

It's the quinine in the tonic water that helps the cramps... Or so my GP told me.

Cath x

I have a lot of problems with cramp in the middle of the night but hate the taste of quinine! I take quinine tablets from the GP and try to ensure I drink lots of water. Had a bad attack last night despite drinking loads. Unless you've suffered proper cramp people have no idea the agony it causes!

I have seen me be swinging on doors as unable to stand with the pain and to sit it gets worse... My husband looks at me as much to ask 'what the hell are you doing?' But he knows better than to voice his thoughts, lol.

My mum pulled the bedroom curtains down many years ago due to an attack of cramp, funny but not so funny if you're the one suffering.

Do you think there is a genetic thing to cramp? My Gran and Mum suffered but no one on my Dad's side but I have it too.

I have never even thought about it being genetic... Hmmmm something to think about.

Oh no! No one who has not experienced cramp can even imagine what it is like. Oh My Goodness NO! I have been told that severe cramp can break bones - not surprising is it?



No and no wonder if you get cramp in water that people drown! The pain is awful. I wake up swearing my head off in total agony. Each time I think is this the time my muscles will snap...... Horrible.

Had 2 bouts this week despite working hard to keep fluids up.

I have been lucky this week with only minor bouts of cramp. Have been drinking a lot more than normal - but then also awake most of the nights with the effects of steroids. Luckily been off them for 3 days now and OK. Thank goodness. Still not sleeping really well because of heat and sob now and again. Things are just not right with me. Just hope I gt my referral to Manchester soon.



I too suffer with bad night cramps ,keeps me awake most of the night ,I drink loads of water ,but never tried Tonic water ,most of the time its my feet ,chiropodist has checked them said i have good circulation there,so its of to the docs to get it checked ,thinking it may be the Warfarin i am on . !!

Try the tonic water... It really does help 😊

I will try it but how much do you think i should have in a day ,? thanks

I tend to have a glass before I go to bed and find that is more than enough to keep cramp at bay x

Thanks for the tip i will try it tonight and let u know how i get on .

Hi -glad,

How did the tonic water/cramp situation go? Hope it helped πŸ˜ƒ

Hi..Not been well enough to go out to get any ,but not feeling so bad this morning except CRAMP all night,so all being well i shall try it tonight fingersx .x

I find symbicort causes me to have bad cramps but tonic water seems to help with these.

That's really interesting. My GP asked me how long I had been having cramp and I said as long as I have been taking Symbicort. He looked it up in his book and said that it wasn't a known side effect. I still completely blame it! :)

It might be caused by the higher doses Marie. I got horrible foot cramps (all toes in spasm, like claws) when doc doubled Seretide to 500. Tonic Defoe helped. The cramps ceased completely once back on 250. P

Hi doctors just changed my inhalor back to Seretide 250 from Fostair which was giving me chesty yukky cough,hopefully my cramps will get less too once i start drinking Tonic water

Ahhhh will have to make note of that link, thank you roseuk.

Yes my husband found that works too - he gets cramps when he uses ventolin a little more than normal xx

Yes. this is a well tried remedy, always works for me.

I used to have horrendous cramp in both my legs and feet. The pain was worse than childbirth and had me in tears every night. I had tests at the hospital, saw specialists etc., but no one ever came up with a cause. The only thing that's ever relieved it is Quinine Bisulphate 300mg which my GP has given me for the past 10 years +. It's just a small tablet which is tasteless and easy to swallow, which I take each night at bedtime.. I could not go through that agony again and would advise anyone suffering to look into this solution...let's face it, you'll also be fully protected against Malaria as well, won't you? Lol. :-D

I get cramp at times especially in my feet but I do like tonic water - with the gin though! Thanks for the tip. xxxxx :)

Magnesium deficiency also causes cramps. I was getting some - meds for reflux are notorious in stopping absorption of magnesium and calcium - and now i take a magnesium supplement and hardly ever get any cramp.

I'd never heard of tonic water as a cure.

Hope everyone stays cool in the heat - just heard on the radio that its not good to put very cold water on your body to cool down as it has the opposite reaction in the body making it hotter. Learn something every day :)

Unfortunately Tonic water didn't work for me, I started getting excruciating cramp when first diagnosed 18 months ago, apparently Ventolin can cause it. I take a Magnesium capsule every day and a Quinine tablet from my GP at night and thank goodness the cramps have stopped. !!

So sorry to read that tonic water didn't help jaclin but at least you now seem to have the cramps under control x

L find that Seretide gives me cramp in the calf muscles - not been on it for ages and cramp disappeared; used it for a few days last week - back came the cramp,

Try the tonic water Dragonmum... Morrisons do some rather nice flavoured tonic water 😊

Bought some tonic water, had a glass last night, no cramp hurray .Thank you :-)

So glad to read it worked for you Starveycat x

I have found a half teaspoon of salt in water,not pleasant, will quickly relieve cramp.

I shall stick with the tonic water as feel sick at the mere thought of drinking salty water but thank you for your comment.

Hi All, Thanks AmethystAngel for the Post in response to Cramp. Haven't so far tried Tonic Water, as it isn't something I like yuk in fact lol! Having said that was interested to see there are flavoured tonic waters, so may have a look out for those. Am on the tablets prescribed by the Doc but still suffering badly, last night too, having just managed to drop off in the heat! Took quite some time to sort it, Big Toe this time! Calves seem to have a muscle pulling sensation in them a lot too besides the cramp! I shall give the Tonic a try and see it that also helps, sure home so!

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