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Started PR today...not too bad. Hoping to get some benefit from it. Dr is also having me get the Alpha 1 test done. Unlikely I have it, but he believes I've had COPD many years (late 20s, early 30s). He also wants me to take Prednisone for the chest tightness I've been having, Saud could be from my sinus allergies. He said just in case.

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Well done on the PR beeperoni, looking forward to getting on a session myself

Good Luck xx

Hopefully the Prednisone will help x

Hi Beeperoni

sounds like you have a pretty decent dr.

Did he say why he thought you had it in your 20-30? I also got checked today for wheezing. Lungs are clear. Allergies, post nasal drip, or Gerd. Lots of mucus in my throat. Esp. When I wake up. Do you have that too ? I see you have sinus allergies.


Hello Ruby,

Yes, I suffer from indoor allergens. My sinuses have been dripping like a faucet. Dr said no infection can be seen on cxr or CT and my lungs sound clear. He said he didn't want to take any chances and put me in the 6-day prednisone treatment.

And as far as him thinking I've had it many years is because I have been exposed to every single risk factor. I grew up with nothing but wood stoves for heat and xtreme amounts of second hand smoke, suffered near death pneumonia at 16, worked in both wood and paper factories, worked in a motor pool in the military surrounded by diesel fumes, and I smoked...he doesn't believe I have Alpha 1, just wants to rule it out. He said COPD takes years to developers unless there is high exposure to risk factors (hence, young diagnosis). I smoke 1 pack a day for probably 10 of the 20 years I smoked. Rest of time was only half pack or less. Plus I had quit several times in between.

Wish your Doc was mine. Really does sound a good one. Best of luck.

He's new to me...referred by my pulmonary team. He's actually from Ireland, but is now practicing here in the US. So far I like him (Dr. Kinsellsa).

I have been coughing up mucus too (miniscule amounts), which I have never had in my life...never had mucus when sick or when I smoked, but now all of the sudden I do. Hate it.....

Try Mucodyne /carbocystein ( 375mg caps or in liquid ).

This thins the mucus so it can be brought up easier...take before bed.

This med I get from UK NHS but similar should be available elsewhere....

found this..


Have you had prednisolone before? I have had it many times but this course I have just finished gave me a side effect I never had before. Haven't really slept for 5 days. I knew you could get this but never had it before. I suppose with other things going on in the wider family this has made it a little worse. As you probably know once you are awake you never seem able to think of nice things so then worry through the wee small hours. Just be prepared for this and keep to your normal bedtime routine. I find making a cuppa helps sometimes just getting up and making one, going back to bed I quite often never actually drink it as fall asleep once I am back. Nothing has worked for me over the past 5 days though. Looking forward to better sleep tonight. What is the Alpha 1 test please?

Take care and good luck with all your tests and treatment and I really hope you don't suffer from lack of sleep when you are on your course of prednisolone.

All the best


It's to test for Alpha 1 Defieciency Freefaller. A genetic thing, there are more than one type. I one has it the our children can also be tested for it.

The test is a simple finger prick for blood test. P

Hi Sian,

Yes, I've had prednisone before, but never for an illness since diagnosed with COPD. My GP prescribed it several years ago when I broke out into hives from an allergic reaction to laundry soap. It worked, but did cause sleep disturbance then. And I meant to say the Anti-1 test, the test for the defective genetic enzyme.

Hope you are doing well. The prednisolone will sort you out I am sure.


Enjoy the PR it can make a huge difference.

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