Feeling Determined

Hi everyone I am a newbie.

I am half way through my Pulmonary Rehab and now started running!!

A month ago I couldn't run 50 yards now I am running/with short walk intervals 1.5 to 2 miles 3 times a week with hills. I am amazed what I can now do and improving each week. I would like to be able to run 5k without stopping and hope to raise funds for our local Breathe Easy Group on the IOW.

Are there any other beginner runners on here?

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I'm a newbie with COPD. Stage II, age 41. I just started PR today and it actually felt good. I hope I too can get up to a couple of miles every other day or so, that would be nice.

Hi ,I first did PR back in 2008 ,,,,,,and was surprised on my fitness improvement at the end ,,,,I continued to go to the gym twice a week ,I'm aiming for 3klm on the treadmill ,,,,,after several returns to rehab over the years I'm almost there ,,,,then I will hope to achieve 4 then who knows ,,,,as long as keep well ,,,,,last year was a complete right of for me ,,,,due to 2 falls and broken bones that had to be operated on and pinned then it was a year of physio ,,,,and because I couldn't exersise ,,,I got repeated chest infections so it was a visous circle of being un fit,,,,,,,I hoped to start the year with a clear bill of health and returned to rehab in jan this year ,,,then I went down with Flu ,,,,,that knocked me about again ,,,,but in march I was back in the gym again and at first I could just about manage 5 minutes on the treadmill ,so I've persevered and slowly built up my fitness level ,,,At age 69 I don't think I'm doing too bad ,and it's all thanks to Pulmary rehab and the team of nurses and physio's who are always there to support me ,good luck ,

Hi Hungry, welcome to the forum. Theres some very nice folks here. Ive just asked to be referred for PR, though Ive only recently been diagnosed copd. Even after 11 days changing what I eat and do has made a difference and a lot of that is down to the help and advice Ive had from here. Not to mention the encouragement. Im sure you will enjoy your time here


Hi Jjude, I have been on a list for PR for over 9 months ,I phoned yesterday to ask where I was on the list, the nurse there told me about number 30 now, but they are not running any courses until September due to no staff shortage (must be because of holidays) then she went on to say it will probably be in the new year now so that will be well over a year.I have severe COPD , I was hoping that a course would help me a lot.So I hope you are not in the Mid Glamorgan area otherwise there is a very long wait ahead!


Im hoping the waiting list here isn't as bad. I heard on radio last week that our local hospital has just won a ยฃ300,000 fund specifically for PR. Middlesbrough were once helping 120 people a year and now with this funding can help 1200 a year so Im hopeful. xx

Good luck I hope you do get a course very soon, perhaps I should move to Middlesbrough!


Hi Hungry and welcome to the board. Well done you, for improving your fitness so dramatically. You obviously have a positive attitude which many posters on here say is essential. I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to the board members and you'll meet many lovely people here too. Keep up the good work. xx

Welcome to the site Hungry. Your a real go- getter! ! Positively is definitely a plus.

Don't remember you telling us about your copd. What stage would you be?

Your surely an inspiration for us all.๐Ÿ˜Š


Wonderful! My niece did the couch to 5k thing about 2 years ago. and within a year did a marathon. She really didn't like the marathon and sticks to 10 miles or thereabouts now. I wish I could do this but have been ill and not able to contemplate it at the moment as they don't know what a nodule found in my lung on CT scan is yet so taking things easier until i have diagnosis as could aggravate some conditions. I would love to join my niece running and if I am OK to do so am going to make that my goal once the waiting is over and I hopefully can do it.

Yours is a wonderfully inspiring story. Good Luck. Will be opposite the IOW on Sunday in Lee-on-the-Solent so if it is a clear day and you are out running give us a wave!

All the very best to you. Good Luck with the running and hope you find lots of buddies to run with and do well for Breathe Easy.


Hi, Beeperoni & Hungryhorse

I had my 3rd session at PR yesterday and envy you your running and walks. I don't mind the upper body workouts, but the various exercises for the legs are difficult for me, so I use an oxygen tank. It will get better as the kilos fall off my belly, hips and butt, I hope. I recently heard there's a Hash House Harriers branch in my little seaside town, with one hasher clocking in at 70+ years old, so I have a target. More practically, I'd just like to be able to walk briskly for 300 meters, before I stop for a breather. Gettin' there.


Have you heard the horse neigh on the mobile phone in PR??

Hi well done On the improvement ,,,,,,,run ,,,,well that's a bit toooooo much for me ,,,but I'm aiming to get to 3 Klm on the treadmill ,,,,,nearly there ,,,,

Like you when I first did pulmary rehab I couldn't do much at all ,but i continue to try and set my goals ,I first pr in 2008 ,,,I've repeated it several times after severe illness ,,but I get back out there and keep trying ,,,I'm now aged 69,,,, if I can keep well I hope to keep building my goals ,

Keep on running and best wishes ,

Hi Hungry,

I'm 69 and have been doing the Couch 2 5K for about a year now. I finished it after about 12 weeks but now just stick to a run/walk 3k, 3x a week. I do it on a treadmill as certain allergens outside make me too sob, it takes about 30 mins. I also do half an hour upper body exercises to strengthen the muscles around my chest. My breathing only ever gets bad when I don't do my running so I'm not planning on stopping ever, reckon I could do it on a zimmer frame!!

I was diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago FEV was 48% then, last year it was 64%, not had a spirometry test for over a year so need to ask for one. As RubyRed may point out, when doing any exercise it's important to keep checking your oxygen levels to make sure they don't drop too low.

Keep at it, it works. 18 months ago I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping.

Good luck

this is so encouraging for me, 2 weeks ago told i had copd with 43% fev1. started half hour breathing exercises and five mins on an exercise bike each morning. I feel great after only 2 weeks and i didn't realise my fev1 could improve. thanks for posting


I never knew either. Thought I was just on a downward trend. Honestly I have seen a massive improvement with more severe cases than me at PR. Some are on oxygen but have still achieved beyond their expectations too. You just have to be fitter like cardiovascular patients than "normal" folk. So get going and keep going you will definately be better for it x

Me neither but I think we have to be physically stinger than we were to make up for any damage that has been caused I 'm no health freak but know I feel so much better now

There you are Abitfit ๐Ÿ˜Š

Haven't touched base with you for a while. Sounds like your doing really well. You actually improved your fev 1? Thats great.๐Ÿ˜€ You notice a difference going up the stairs? Of course, I'm going to ask about your oxygen levels. Glad to hear your doing so well.๐Ÿ˜Š I'm still working, so am getting quite a work out. Pretty much getting a mile in, plus stairs. And getting paid for it!


Hi Ruby,

Good to hear from you, yes I'm doing good! Keep working, you still asking loads of questions?

Ab xx

Well done and welcome.

Hello and welcome,I have very severe emphysema,Fev1 20%.Finally got my second PR starting on the 6th July.I,ll be happy if I can walk from my car to the gym without collapsing in this weather,lol.Good luck ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ D. ๐Ÿ˜‹


You are a real inspiration as are many of the members on here, thank you and well done, quite an achievement.

I am still under diagnosis and so much mixed results, just awaiting fist respiratory appointment, I will trust them better, more advanced spirometry, more answers! :) Now discovered I have silent reflux and not sure f that has triggered inflammation or slight hyperventilation of lungs and flattening of diaphragm..or is it background Copd/Emphysema that has caused that, goodness knows, haha.

Meanwhile I am researching anti acid natural remedies as lump in throat and bitter taste in mouth so frustrating.

Just been given a mix from a friend of a friend called 'Kefter' or something like that, it is a pure pro biotics that you have to drain the milk off daily and top up, each day it grows more, tastes like sour yoghurt but some honey and chia seeds etc masks this...and apparently a fruit called physilis or something is a good antacid :) I am rubbish with names, Lol.

Sounds good to me folks,,, meanwhile got to take omeprazole or few months before doc will consider sending for endescope!!!

Oh well, it is a lovely day out and house work awaits

Vicki x

I have GERD (silent acid reflux) I am prescribed Lansopramasole but also take Gaviscon before bed which plugs the acid from rising. DO NOT take Peppermint as aggravates acid. Fatty foods over more than 4grms fat are out too. Gaviscon ANISEED.

Hope that helps x

Thank you everyone but I am just a normal COPD victim who was in a very dark place and finally decided to turn my life around. I am amazed how I am doing so I know it can be done. I live my life with COPD not the other way around. I am stage 2-3. I get very frustrated when out running when "people with normal lungs" run past me. But then I think they've got it easy they should try it with my lungs. Which then boosts my determination. It is twice as hard but achievable in the long run (pardon the pun).

Still hoping to meet a running buddy with shot lungs, they must be out there somewhere?

where are you?

I would run with youhungryhorse but I think I'm on the other side of the country lol breath easy xx

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