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Stats 98 chest still tight

Being going to the doctors now 3 times in three weeks I have tight chest just only the right side of chest, sometimes it's painful to talk and sometimes I need to take deep breaths just to breath .went today the doctor done all the stats bloop,pressure, check my breathing and oxygen levels everything fine but still feel dizzy and chest feels tight it's on going for a year now I'm fed up help!!!!!

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Have you tried steam inhalation?

I'm having problems with getting short of breath when I'm walking around and feel very limited to what I can do and where I can go... I have been advised to get my oxygen sats tested after doing a good five minutes walking to see if I need additional oxygen. Your case sounds completely different though, have you been tested for angina?

Take things easy and try not to put too much pressure on yourself as it could be stress related.

Take care 😀


Have you any anxiety? Do you feel anxious? This can all make these things feel even worse or cause the tightness. Try breathing from your diaphragm to see if this helps.

Sorry its not much help. Must be an awful feeling.

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Hi, I know the feeling...I have been in an emergency ambulance, struggling to breathe and hearing the paramedic saying that my SATS were ok...hmm.

There has been a discussion on this site recently about hyperventilation syndrome....or over breathing.

Try and breathe gently through the nose only, belly breathing with a relaxed diaphragm. It's easy to get into a cycle of panicky breathing with tight chest and shoulder muscles.

I find the pursed lip breathing technique can find instructions on you tube.

Just try the gentle breathing gradually, I found a first if I tried to do it for too long I took big involuntary breaths because my body was not used to it. Build it up slowly.

Have you tried relaxation techniques to try and ease the tightness in your chest muscles.

Sorry for the long post..but these ideas have helped me. Take care.

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I have found that most O2 levels are checked after you are rested not as soon as you walk though the door so they will see a better result.

My 4th AC visit my consultant watched me leave my chair and then go to a bed for a ECG and back again. When he saw me he said the reason he was there was to see how I was on the short walk and it is obvious that I do get very SOB and the heart showed a increase above what It should of been. if I just took just the OB's they do after you have sat down I would say that you do not have that much of a problem? But from what I have seen you do.

Be Well


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