Go Rafa

Well I've done hour at the gym under the watchful eye of the trainer and In the back ground I caught a glimpse of the pulmary rehab nurse,,

,,( she was waiting for her Next group ),,,I got the thumbs up and after doing 2&3/4 Klm on the tread mill I called it a day ,,,,,now I'm relaxing inside watching the tennis ,my favourite player Rafa Nadal is playing today and later Andy Murray is on ,,,,

So no lounging in the garden for me today ,,,,I'm glad as it's 29 degrees in our back garden !!!too hit for me !!!but hubby is enjoying having the

garden swing ALL TO HIMSELF ,so you all take care out there ,

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  • Well done, you! Enjoy the tennis in the comfort of indoors.

  • Well done for getting a thumbs up at the gym nanny1086 and you enjoy your tennis. It is meant to be hotter tomorrow (weather not tennis....but then again!) We are happy indoors watching t.v. and keeping cool.

    Take care everyone. xxxx

  • Hi ,ice packs under my feet trying to just keep cool ,,,tomorrow I'll be doing the same ,,,so hubby will get the garden swing to himself again ,,,take care ,keep cool ,hugs ,

  • Hi ,thankyou ,,,,what a night ,,tried every way and more to get some sleep ,,,,filled a hot water bottle with crushed ice ,& 2 ice packs in the bed ,,,,had to keep the windows closed to ,,,,hope we ,,,ALL HAVE A BETTER ,,& Cooler night ,,,,no gym today ,,,,but tomorrow I'll be there ,then over to see our grandaughter ,,,she'll never know how much I love her,,,and how hard I've fought over the last few years to be here for her ,,,,

    Take care and keep cool every one ,

  • Far too hot last night and we didn't sleep well. Have a great time with your granddaughter, she is lucky to have you and you her. Precious times. Take care xxxxx

  • Thankyou .well another hot day .had the fan on full blast all day ,and the curtains closed trying to keep the rooms cool,

    Let's hope we all manage a good nights sleep tonight ,,,,,

    This weather is nit for me ,,,I love the spring and the autum the best ,,,,,and they seem to be my healthy months ,,,,if you call no antibiotics etc or hospital stays ,,,,,( except for the odd times) ,

    Take care everyone ,,,be cool ,

  • Well done Nanny, keep your cool.. love Magaret x

  • Thankyou Margaret ,hope your managing to find some shade ,

    Hugs ,Georgina ,

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