Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Hello to you all, I hope you are enjoying the nice weather we are having at the moment. It lifts my mood when I see the sun shining.

I may be preaching to the converted but one thing I always do when it's hot in the house is to leave the lid on my loft open, it's amazing how much it cools the upstairs, and during the day I close the curtains on any bedrooms facing the sun.

After that I ignore the housework and retire to the garden, and sit under a large parasol, with a cold drink, a good book, a packet of biscuits, and my feet in a bowl of cool water.....Bliss.

Enjoy your day

Velvet xx

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Lovely happy days, I will be driving down the road to the beach today,breath in the air ,I too love the sun, bikini on luminous one, smoked salmon bagels salad,coconut water, like you I feel great at the moment....enjoy I will.x

Sounds fantastic, I wish I lived close to a beach.

Velvet x

Hi colours, I remember you saying that your neighbour decided to cut down some trees so you couldn't sit outside......mine has chosen today to chainsaw down a tall cypress hedge and hire a mini digger to landscape their garden.....fumes everywhere.

Enjoy your bikini day at the beach

I feel very sorry for you knitter,will u be back on meds?

Hi sounds like a good plan. I plan to take the dog to the beach today and chuck balls in the sea for her as she loves that. x

What a lovely way to cool off, can I come

Velvet xx

Course you can chuck! :) x

Sounds good Velvet. Very inviting! Maybe I'll join you after my nap😊


You are very welcome

Velvet xx

Feet in cold water - good idea! Have a great day, lots of love TAD xxx

So hot I am now sitting in the grandchildren s paddling pool. !!

Velvet xx

I have a bumble bees nest in my loft at the moment so its staying firmly shut. I opened it last week to get the suit cases for our holiday, switched on the light and was quickly joined by the new lodgers. That light was off and I was down the step ladder in record time shutting the loft door behind me.

Only 1 bee followed me down and it flew straight out the window. Whew! At least it wasn't a wasp or hornets nest :) . You see I always try and look for a bright side and I like bees anyway.

Things will have to stay pretty hot in the bedroom for a while, well temperature wise. Ha Ha.

I agree, outdoors in a shady spot with a cool drink is the way to go and maybe set up the hose pipe and sprinkler too.

Tony x

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