just a hello. from jimmy

just to say hello to all my friends on h.u.

unfortunately i haven't been at my best since that pneumonia hospitalisation, having had other infections since.

i wont go on with my woes, but just to say, i have not forgotten all my friends on h.u

. i know many are ill, many are recovering, and many have underlying problems

with the help of this great site, [and the man above :) ] i pray we all come through things and are able to smile again very soon

god bless you all

lots of love jimmy xxx :) [to the ladies :) ]

and a hiya to the men :) j,w :)

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Hello Jimmy. Nice to hear from you. Take a well earned rest.

hi puff

, nice to hear from you too, many thanks , im just taking things easy at the moment, but hopefully will soon be on track.

last week it was nearly the railway track :D

you take good care now jimmy :)

Morning Jimmy, nice to meet another member. Sorry you haven't been well and sending best wishes from a newbie


hi Jjude [nearly sung that there :D ] a big welcome to the site. many thanks for the kind thoughts and lovely post.

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, my lovely wee jovial Jock, so happy to hear from you. Take it real easy and when you are ready a photo of your garden in bloom please.

struggling but still positive here.

Love Suzy xxxx

oh hiya suz.

i hope your doing well under the circumstances, very difficult, i will be in touch .

its been a very poor summer up in scotland, the garden is a bit behind, but i'm beginning to tidy things up slowly, on odd days.

yes i shall surely post a pic when it is blooming better :D

lots of love your wee jovial jock,, jimmy xxx :) ,

Oh but young Jimmy it's wonderful to 'see' you xxxxxxx right back

many, many thanks peege , you always make my day in saying "young " jimmy

i hope your keeping well,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Look after yourself dear Jimmy, lots of love Leelee from Sydney. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ xx

hi leeleebird, its great to have you all the way from sydney, i trust you are keeping well,

lots of love returned leelee,

jimmy xxx :)

Good to see you again Jimmy, hope you have been able to read the jokes and squirrel pictures that have been on here recently.

Take care

:) hi knitter, great to see you, i shall catch up on things as i go along , especially the jokes , i might be wrong, but i've a feeling who would put up the squirrel pics :D

off course i wouldn't dream of mentioning ribs name :D

take care now jimmy :)

thank you, :) its nice to meet members old and new,

my carer will be here any minute now, [for her 10 mins work :) ]

i shall try return later,,, if im not sleeping :) [been up all night ]

lots of love to all

jimmy xxx :)

It is lovely to hear from you Jimmy. I am hoping this heat wave will be gentle with us all! I do however love the sunshine and in the past enjoyed the warmth. Take care of yourself, love Xris xx

ah nice to hear from you Xris :)

unfortunately Xris we've not had the best of summers up here in scotland, but although today was grey overcast, it was boiling.phew!!. you know that very humid thundery hard to breath kinda day :D

yes i prefer the sunshine too , och weve time yet :D lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy

Great to hear from you ๐Ÿ˜Š

We've all been missing you. Sorry to hear your still not feeling so well. Hope

you'll be feeling much better soon.

Lots of Love Jimmy ๐Ÿ˜Š

from one of your many ladies


hi ruby, hope your keeping well, great to hear from you ,

i like the "one of your many ladies :D "

,,,, i was thinking of putting an ad. in for a wife, "anyone from 50 to 100 , able to dig garden, cook, iron, tidy house and do the washing "

i dont think id get many replies somehow :D

im getting there slow but sure ruby, taking things

easy for now, take care now, lots of love jimmy

xxx :)


We'll each take a day of the month, to take care of our guy. Meaning you โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š

Guess I'll have to gas up my jet plane for my day!


its a small world now ruby :), ill expect you here on the next plane :D

many thanks ruby, for your light hearted thoughts :D

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear you are still having a rough time. Has this warm spell reached you yet? Although sometimes it's harder work to be ill in the heat, than the cold. You take it easy, i am going to lie under my parasol with the audi book reading The Swan Theif, maybe have a Pimms .... i so hope you feel better soon Jimmy. Love Margaret x

lovely to hear from you margaret, i do hope your well, and managed your pimms and your read, under the parasol, sounds great to me :)

yes it was very warm up here today, but that muggy way, its quite hard going in this sort of weather, but anythings better than the winter :)

thanks for your kind message,take care now, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

It is so great to hear from you. But very sorry that you have not been so well. Take great care of yourself and will look forward to hearing from you again soon

Lyn xx

hiya lyn, great to hear from you, i hope i'm over the worst of things, so will try build myself up a bit, ill just take things easy,and catch up gradually, take care , lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy nice to see you. Hoping you feel better soon and are able to come back to your HU family. x

hi cough, great to hear from you, hope your keeping well, many thanks for the welcome ,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Lovely to have you back Jimmy. We are all looking forward to your tales of your escapades with the nurses! All good wishes for your full recovery.

:D ha ha "tales from the hospital "

thanks for the welcome, and kind wishes pentreath, take care now,, jimmy :)

The big man up stairs will be looking after you, once you get rid of these bad chesty infections you will be on your feet in no time, get well soon my friend


hi david,

aye hes done not so bad up to now :) yes i hope to be better day by day now, but in no rush this time :D

all the very best david , best regards jimmy :)

Hi Jimmy nice to hear from you sorry you are not at your best right now but take it easy with plenty of rest

hi "other jimmy :D " yes a wee bit to go yet, but on the right track, but will def. do as you say, plenty of rest :) in fact although i was up most of last night i've done nothing but sleep, most unlike me, it must be my body telling me something :)

many thanks , take care "other jimmy :) " jimmy :)

Hi Jimmy glad to see you back on, you have been in the wars of late.

Take care and do what they tell you, hope you will be on the mend soon.

polly xx

hi polly,

seems im forever in the wars, but will just take things a day at a time, i've plenty time to catch up,, and , for a change i'm doing what im told lol :) lots of love polly,, jimmy xxx :)

Thinking of you Jimmy, hope things improve for you,take care xx

hi biker, im sure things will improve now, many thanks for your kind message love jimmy xxx :)

Take care Jimmy no trying too do that garden naughty boy !!

Take care


hi dorothy,, please dont mention "garden " :D :D

i will just do bits and bobs when i feel like it,rome wasn't built in a day, so im in no hurry :)

many thanks, lots of love dorothy , jimmy xxx :)

hi jimmy

hope you feel better soon


hi tam

,i hope things are improving for you,

i wonder if we'll eventually get a summer up here :D we seem to have been waiting a long while , never mind we might just get a decent couple of months now,

all the very best tam jimmy :)

Hi Jimmy - good to see your post and know that you are feeling a little better and well enough to post. So sorry that you have been so ill. Take good care of yourself and wishing you a super speedy recovery. Lots of love TAD xxx

hi tad,

aye feeling a little better now day by day,

many thanks for the kind thoughts, you take care now, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Oh Jimmy. Sorry to hear you're still not so good. Get well soon, Jimmy.

hi nanny, im not that bad, just need a bit more time to recover, i get these right sleepy days which i cant seem to fight, so what the heck :D i just nap

many thanks for your kind thoughts love jimmy xxx :)

Get well soon Jimmy, we need you! Hope your carer is a help to you, she doesn't get to stay long, does she. wishing you a good night's sleep tonight and pain free days. Love Iris x

hi iris, hope you are well, yes i call the carers [both of them :D] "in" and "oot"

oots no sooner in, then shes oot,

and "in" is no sooner in as well, then shes oot :D :D

their not too bad really, they have to be to put up with me :D

ill sleep tonight iris i know that, i'm seeing double now :) this pain has subsided slightly now.

take care now

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Thanks for the love Jimmy ! same coming back to you XX Vicki

lovely to meet you vicky, many thanks for your kind thoughts,

love and kind wishes back,, jimmy xxx :)

Hi lovely jimmy, so good to hear from you but not good that you have been so poorly. Wishing you well as always and sending hugs and kisses to you. Hope you are being good! Ha, ha!

xxxxx :) :)

hi sassy, the cheek of it :D i'm always good :D [but tell fibs :D ]

thanks for your kind wishes, and cheery post, sass. hugs and kisses to you,,, jimmy :)

Missed, missed missed you. I hope you will be at your best soon. Huggs, a great lady, has been filling us in. Take care and know you are much loved and missed by us all.

Kindest regards

G J xxx

Jimmy so pleased you are on the mend, take things easy get your strength up and before you know it......lots better, take care Jimmy lots of love Sheila xxx

oh hiya sheila

, many thanks for your kind message, yes i,ll just take my time,, this time :) as you say, before i know it, i,ll be back to normal :D [might need to rephrase that :D ]

lots of love sheila jimmy xxx :)

oh hi ohtwo,

i hope your keeping well,:)

huggs has been a godsend honestly, even when shes not been so good herself. i've said it before she deserves a medal.

kindest thoughts G J love jimmy xxx :)

Thanks jimmy hiya to you as well take it easy and keep batting

thanks eastridingbigden , will keep batting,and keep battling, all the very best and many thanks,,

jimmy :)

It's great to hear from you Jimmy, but not to hear your not very well. I hope you start to feel better soon and come back full time, your missed. xx

thanks very much casp.

were hopefully on the mend now

lots of caring thoughts jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy, nice to see that you are still about. I hope you are a bit better soon.

Best regards


hi bobby,

yes i hope to be about for some time yet :D but getting there now bobby, slow but sure,

all the very best, take care now .

best regards jimmy :)

Hi Jimmy, great to see you back again......but don't rush things ...slow but sure xxxx

great to see you pegbi, :)

yes your bang on, i,ll just take things easy, a day at a time,

lots of love and kind wishes jimmy xxx :)

How lovely to see you back. Take great care of yourself. Love, juney

hi juney , great to hear from you, will def take care of myself this time.

"this one" knocked a lot out of me!! ,if it weren't for poor huggs ,[whos going through it too at the moment ] i might have not been here, i'm so, so grateful to her, but i'm improving slowly, one step forward one step back :D

take care lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Although you haven't been on here for a while we have still been thinking of you. Slowly but surely will have to do for now but day by day you will feel better. You are a big miss!!! Take care now, love Juney

Great to see you Jimmy! Take care of yourself! x

lovely to see you lolly, take care and keep well. lots of love jimmy xxx :)

i would like give a special thank huggs, for the effort she put in, in helping me.especially when i was quite ill, and really quite incapable of anything.

she organised the carers in a better way, phoned the doc on a couple of occasions, when, as i say, i was quite incapable. she also phoned the [nearly said midwife :D ] the district nurse :),, and provided a great support for me when i was really down bad with infection.

now huggs did this with a lot of problems on her side, both her own health and personal trauma. so i can only thank her in my own small way, on this site.

a most caring and helpful, well meaning lady.

She deserves a medal,, hugs to huggs from a very grateful jimmy xxxxx :)

LOVELY to hear from you Jimmy. These blasted infections drive you mad, don't they - I seem to have had them non-stop this past year. Hope yours clear up soon. You are in my thoughts and and prayers...sending you a HUGE HUG...... :)

hi lousiana, yes, they certainly do that , it looks like youve been much the same as me. lets hope and pray we get a wee break now.

ive been "up and down " the last couple of days, but by far, better today,,,,,,,then you tend to do to much :) to try catch up with things. :)

thanking you for the prayers and huggs, i return both to you as well, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Jimmy, wondered where you`d been. Glad you`re on the mend now and keeping in touch with everyone. I`m in Cumbria and it looks as if we`re in for a storm here. Roll on ! I love a bit of thunder and lightning ! You keep well, Sheila xx

hi mskpib,

yes were thankfully on the mend now, as i said b4 a lot better today :) but tired doing a little much , i,ll get my blessings from my spies on here for admitting to that :)

looks like there's still thunder in the air and in fact the forecast, at least down south.

many thanks sheila, sorry for the late reply..take care now, love jimmy xxx :)

Hi jimmyw123 nice to see your back with us take care in this heat

great to see you onamission [i always like that name :) ]

many thanks, you take care now, jimmy :)

Lovely to hear from you Jimmy - God bless you too - hope you'll be well soon xx

hi dedalus, many thanks for the lovely post, i hope you are well, i felt a lot better today myself today :) ,,, you almost get frightened to say that :)

never mind we all soldier on best we can do :), lots of love jimmy xxx :)

Been wondering what you'd been up to Jimmy, nice to hear you're doing as you're told (for a change); you know your always missed when we don't get a chirp out of you for a while. You're right about huggs - we should put her up for the New Year's Honours list - keeps us all up-to-date with the state of play, and not only your escapades lad; I think she's a marvel especially as she hasn't been too well herself. It'll take a while to get over that last "do" Jimmy - so no rushing things and don't expect to much of yourself too soon. I'll send an extra word up tonight - bless you lad, you make a lot of us smile when that's just what we need.

hi d/mum,, many thanks for such a lovely welcoming post, im not quite sure i'm doing exactly as i'm told :), well ,, nearly :) [did a bit in the garden today , just light work, :) that's good enough :) for me :)

but it is true what you say, it does take a wee while to get over. and to be honest i am not expecting too much of myself, only doing a bit when i feel like it, welle get the chuckle muscles going soon :D

your bang on about huggs, she has really been my saviour, and also keeping in touch with friends etc. when i was really unable. shes had a rough time of late, i hope shes better by now.

many thanks d/mum, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

love to you too Jimmy - have been missing you - take care xxx

thank you undine, i have missed you too :)

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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