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Hello to you all and thanks for all your replays to previous posts .The op went well and everything was all ok so no cancer! Nodules still being tested but not expected to be much .Ive been home 4 weeks now and although it's been very difficult with pain,drugs,sleeping,pain,drugs,sleeping ect ect ! Everything is healing up well except for really bad nerve pain do you always get this after this sort of op (left thoracotomy and pulmonary nodules resection) I've been prescribed Gabapentin 300 mg capsules and capsicum cream any ideas on this would be welcome x

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Well that's good news and I am really pleased for you. I hope you are feeling better very soon. x

Good news, thanks for updating us. Gabapentin is prescribed for nerve pain. I only know because I go on the fibromyalgia site and it seems to be the drug for helping with the horrendous pain it causes. I'm thinking of asking for it myself when I can be bothered to go through the rigmarole of trying to get an appointment.

I can't help with the surgery pain, having never had any. But, I guess your bound to get pain following any type of organ surgery. I hope it eases for you asap. xx

My sister is on Gabapentin for osteoarthritis as well. She also has tramadol when that doesn't work well enough. She had a short spell on oramorph as well recently. x

Does it make her drowsy cough. I'm on antideppresants and amatryptaline at night that's why I have held off asking to try it in case it makes me drowsy. xx

hi Casper, Just a question. I have been taking a 10mg tablet of Amatryptaline at nights as it helps me sleep, I was reading a post the other day that said that a side effect of Amatryptaline is Tinnitus, and I do suffer with this, was wondering if you are effected with Tinnitus also ?? Thanks Neo.

Ho Neo, no, I've never suffered from it. I didn't even know it caused it and I've been on it for over 9 years.

It must be very annoying. My aunt had it for a while but she hasn't mentioned it for years. I hope you soon get some relief. xx

That's good news for you, so I wish you a speedy recovery from the operation. The treatment for the pain is supposed to be the best pain relief, but we all know everyone is different so hope it works for you till you get fully recovered.

Best wishes and speedy recovery :)

Fantastic news - hope you feel better soon xx

Lovely to hear some good news. Hope you are improving every day. Take care xx

Thanks everyone for your replies .Still got pain but Gabapentin certainly helps .Had a lovely week at the South Coast and feel stronger and more positive . Can't wait to be able to drive now ! Not allowed until pain is not so sharp ! Best wishes to all enjoy the sun if you can x

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