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Decline in FEV1 or Not

Here's a report I posted on another forum. It relates to the decline in FEV1 over time. It might answer some questions for some of you regarding the progressive nature (or not) of COPD.

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Hi, theres 3 articles which one is it.


Encouraging reading, if you stop smoking. Thanks for the post.


Thank you for the info. x


Thanks CK - I found the conclusion encouraging.

'In conclusion, our data show that COPD is

not invariably progressive. In more than half the

patients in our study, the rate of decline in FEV

1over a period of 3 years was no greater than that

which has been observed in people without lung

disease. This finding could indicate that COPD

may “burn out” or at least stabilize for periods

of 3 years or more, which would be good news

for patients and could influence a variety of

management decisions that depend on prognosis.

As the report suggests, more investigation is required.

James :)

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Interesting reading. But they do not seem to have the same group of that age with no COPD to base any decline for that age in normal lungs? Or did I miss it?

Be Well


Normal decline in Healthy Adults is 30ml per year.


Well it is bad news for me due to my emphysema...darn it anyway.


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