I havnt posted on here before i was diagnosed with serevere copd nearly 3 years ago and i wont give up on myself. I am 62 and have been a widow now for 17 years, have 2 very special daughters and 5 gorgeous grandkids who all live close by me. If i have a bad day i go back to what i was doing or see to it another day. I am going on another cruise to the canary islands in august with my family of 10 and that includes my dad who is 92 and is a copd suferer as well, he as been my inspiration over the last few years. My life is very precious to me and i am not going to sit back and let this copd take over my life which i keep in control. I know some day i wont be able to do things untill i will not give up. With the support of my family and 2 fantastic son in laws i intend to live my life as i want. Is there anyone on the forum who lives in cumbria i am in the workington area, would be nice to be in touch with someone close, maybe go shopping, go for lunch bar meal. So to you all blessings and dont give up keep fighting for your self. Maggie 1952

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Maggie, bless you and you are yourself an inspiration. I know you will do well. I myself am hoping, like all of us really, that the illness doesn't take over. I don't have family of my own as I live alone and sometimes I worry that when things get bad with my condition, I will be really stuck. We all have to take responsibility for ourselves in the end, don't we, whether we have people around us to help or not. My dad has COPD too. He is in his 80s and struggling quite a bit. Without my mum, he would be lost. I don't live near you but wish you all the best. xxxx

Hello stillmoving,sorry you live on your own it must be very hard for you and to have your dad with it, i hope you get plenty of help from the right people foy yourself and your dad, bless him again i must be fortunate, i can conrtol my own copd and also keep an eye on my dad you get to know all the signs when your not right, both me and my dad have the same specialist copd nurse she is absolutly great, nothing is ever a problem to her, i very rarely go to my dr, as my nurse is so good and encourages you to do the things you want, nothing stops my dad, he walks 3 or 4 mile a day sometimes more if he is up to it, im very proud of him for i think if he can do it at age 92 so can i, not that i do very lazy that way would rather get in the car never been one for walking, please keep in touch and let me know how you are love to you, dad and mam

Inspirational - lots of love and kind wishes TAD xxx

Hello Tadhaw, i hope i have been some help to you, thankyou for the love and wishes very much appreicated, hope you are keeping well yourself, how long have you had copd, what stage are you at. I have been to sports day at school today for my 2 yrandkids aged 4 and 8 i like to support them in what they do, we had a good day, a little chilly but not too bad could do with plenty of sun down here in cumbria, i love the sunshine. Maggie

Good for you!

That's the spirit Maggie, I love fighting talk!!! Lol. you've cheered me right up.

You must be so proud of your Dad too, 92 with COPD, I've never heard of anyone having it at that age. May I ask how long he's had it? We could do with him on here, he'd be an inspiration to us all.

Enjoy your cruise, it sounds like it's going to be smashing. xx

Hello casper99, i am glad i have cheered you up, hope you are keeping well, today i have been to sports day for 2 of the grandkids aged 4 and 8, had a good day, yes i am proud of my dad, hes had moderate copd for just over 6 years just after my mam died so we had it tough but pulled through it was hard enough for him losing mam after 62 years of marriage and to be dianosed with copd. He wont be on site, it took me a couple of years just getting him to use his mobile phone properly never mind i thought it was never going to sink in with him. He is very fit for his age walks 3 to 4 mile most days as weekends of takes the 4 year old and my daughters fat staffy , he is still driving but doesnt go any real distance, looks after his own place dusts hoovers does windows, cooks for himself eats well, i am there when hes not well, he doesnt have to worry that way. I hope i get a few good more years with him. Love him too much to let him go just yet. I hope too that one day ther is some kind of cure for copd for us all especially for the less fortunate who have no one to support them. Keep in touch and let me know how you are xx

Hi Maggie, I'm fine, thank you for asking. Sorry you lost your Mam. your Dad must have been devastated too after all those years. My elderly Aunt (She's 83.) has deteriorated mentally within 2 years from losing her husband. She's healthier than me but, she's just won't leave the house.

So, your dad is doing fantastic, he makes me feel lazy lol. I couldn't manage walking like that every day. I guess he has always kept himself quite fit to start with.

I never was one for exercise, unless it was dancing. I find it hard to motivate myself to have a 20 min walk never mind miles.

I can remember doing Cher's fitness video for 12 whole weeks and that must be over 20 years ago. but, as soon as it came to the hardcore legwork, my would legs would shake like jellies. haha. This was pre- ailments.

My COPD doesn't overly bother me exercise wise, except on inclines, it's my fibromyalgia and arthritis. My legs absolutely kill when I walk. It has got much worse in the last two years which is a bit depressing. I keep hoping the pain will improve enough to be able to start doing more, but, no luck so far.

Still, I try and take 2 or 3, 20 mins walks a day around my neighbourhood. I think anything is better than nothing. Lol. xx

Hi Maggie - lovely insipirational post - I was feeling bit down over the weekend due to my increasing sob and ever-decreasing mobility, but you have just given me the kick up the bum I needed - thank you. Have a wonderful cruise xx

Hello Dedalus, i am so glad i have given you a kick up the bum, dont sob just email me, i know how you are feeling, i felt the same, then i thought get a grip you have 2 girls and 5 grandkids between the ages of 17 and 2 get on with things and carry on living the life you love dont let this copd rule your life, you rule your copd, from that day i have never looked back and dont intend too. Been to sports day today for the 4 and 8 year old grandaughters, had a good day, i like to support them in what they do,next wednesday its my eldest grandaughters 18th, there is about 35 of us going out to dinner at the night looking foward to that, she was only 9 months old when my husband died so i spoil them all rotten, i hope you have a family or someone to support you, i think thats very important. Enough about me tell me how you are, take care xx

Thanks again Maggie - feeling a bit better after a hard day at work (always good for taking your mind off your problems). I have two wonderful sons, who are amazing, but don't like to bring them down by telling them how I feel etc. That is why I should be counting my blessings!! The kick up the bum was just what I needed. Sounds as if you had a great day - take care and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful cruise with your lovely family. xx

Hi Maggie

we could do with your dad on here. Guess you get your fighting spirit from him. You Go Girl! 😊


Hello ruby, thankyou for your post, i was explaining to casper99 it took me a couple of years for me to get dad to use his mobile phone properly, it just wouldnt sink in can you imagine him using a computer, he would drive me crazy. I would end up hitting over the head with the computer, only joking. I probaly do get my fighting spirit from my dad but my mam had a big roll in it too, she died 6 years ago and lived all her life with very bad asthma nearly lost her a few times while i was growing up with very bad attacks but she always fought back, she had a big roll in how how feel about things and people, there is always someone who is a lot worse than ones self. They were a pillar of strength when i lost my husband who died of motor neurone, he suffered 5 years , mam and dad were with me all the way always told men never look back keep your happy memories no matter what lies ahead of you and thats what i intend to do keep my memories of both my girls an grandkids and live for more no matter what. Keep in touch let me know how you are, maggie xx

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