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I have had emphasema for 16yrs I have been in and of hospital 8 to 10 times over the years because of this I'm obviously on a lot of medication and inhalers, I use a nebulise I'm on oxygen overnight my sats are 93 I have lost 2 stone since March and have just been told my body is high in carbondioxide I know this is serious, has anyone else been told that they have high carbondioxide and how long have you had that thankyou

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Hi, Firework, I was told my carbon dioxide levels were high when I first started using oxygen, a good few years ago now. My consultant said they would keep an eye on it but that my body seemed to somehow tolerate the higher level quite well. I continue to use oxygen 24/7. So far, so good.


Hi to I thankyou for that information it's made me feel better,I was worried about it take care and have a good dayx


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