I packed in smoking May 2 2014, 14 months smoke free. I packed in because i could barely walk without being extremely breathless. Didn't go to docs because I didn't want the obvious lectures. I switched from smoking to vaping easily and comparing my health now to back then, the improvement was massive.

8 days ago went to drs with a question about low oxygen levels after having a cataract done. He sent me for a spirometer test. That came back at 43%.

Now after the initial shock, the joining of this wonderful site, the changes Im already making to diet, mobility (I have a degenerative spine with limited mobility) breathing retraining, Im already feeling the difference. Should I now stop vaping. I have noticed Im using it a lot less, and should I make a conscious effort to stop?

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  • Hi Jude ,, the same happened to me, even smoking a couple I could not walk far, I could do anything else ,smoke herbs from health food shop no effect,so there is some evil in tobacco, I vape now n then as I've had a year to try it out, so listening to my body, has taught me what I can do and what I can't, the least pressure I feel from staff the better,as there is a lot of do and donts ,only you know when you naturally want to cut down. Yes I learn a lot on here, we have to take control of our own health these days,if you want to survive!! Enjoy your day,it's gonna be hot!!!x

  • Thanks for your reply Colours, yes Ive said for years our bodies tell us what it wants, we just have to listen and do. Through all health issues over the years its stood me in good stead. Shame I didn't listen to it at 14 and never taken up the ciggies, but thats by the by. we live and learn and I still got lots to learn xx

  • In my opinion, yes, if you can. When you vape you're still absorbing poisons into your body - fewer than with cigs, but nicotine is a herbicide and pesticide - it kills plants and insects - so when you absorb it you're giving your body more work to do breaking it down when you need your body to doing everything it can to keep you as well as you can be with your conditions.

    Take a look at this web page if you'd like more info about giving up:

  • Thanks for the link eregendal I understand what your saying about the absorption of poisons but that could also be said for being wheeled down the high street in rush hour.

    Stopping vaping will probably be easier than stopping smoking and I have nothing to lose. xx

  • I myself wouldn't worry about it. I believe there are quite a few on here vaping. What is your oxygen level? It sounds like giving up the smokes did you really well. Do you know your other numbers from the test? I guess you had a spirometry test.


  • Morning ruby, monday gone doctor said oxygen levels were borderline, and i did order an oximeter that i collect today so will have daily/weekly? readings for that.

    the other numbers from the test were a tad depressing but i am fending off a cold and hoping that might have a reason for it being so low. 43% is one i do remember.


  • Thats good you got the oximeter. You'll be able to track how you are when walking fast. I clean offices and take mine with me. Do my stair exercises there. Do pretty well. Within 2 mins my heartrate goes back to what it was. I try to keep track of my stats myself. Not being obsessed with it. Just knowing if I'm getting worse. I've got copies of all my spirometry tests. If you weren't feeling well , it could have very well

    effected your results.

    Have a great day 😊


  • Thanks ruby, no doubt Ill have plenty more questions and discussions on the subject in the coming days x

  • You should stop the E- cigarette as they have harmful poisons in them . Vaping is worse than smoking in my opinion.

  • Hi Jude, how did you decide which vaping thingy to use? There seems to be so many , are they all the same? I think its great you stopped smoking vping has got to be better even though I know its still nicotine but none of the other rubbish. well done you xx

  • Morning micky, my brother was already vaping, and i decided to look into the pro's and cons, I read up everything I could. At this point I was in terrible condition, could barely walk 20 meters without stopping for breath, and saying 'put kettle on' to my daughter was a no no for a minute or two. So i bought the cheapest possible, and just stopped smoking on 2 may 2014. Now i tended to go through a few batteries and tanks seemed useless for more than a couple of weeks, but i persevered. over the 14 months since, ebay is my friend. Battery costs under a tenner, 7 quid for 10 tanks, and liquids bought in home bargains for quid a bottle. i have 3 batteries i use, one is used while one is charging and one is spare charged in case one runs out while out visiting, i rotate the 3, at first i was using a 10ml bottle in under week, now its about 10 days. My health has vastly improved, and Ive just bought my daughter a battery for under a tenner which looks better than mine (just found out she's pregnant first time at age 30) so will upgrade when one of these need replacing. Best thing I ever did, and although reluctant to stop vaping i wonder if I should.

    Batteries and tanks last much longer than when i first started so costs have reduced and my health has risen, can I ask for much else.

    Jjude xx

  • thankyou for that info Jude, I will get one as I am finding hard to give up but do think vaping has got to be better than smoking. not sure why kenking thinks its other way round ? ho hum xxxx

  • Talking to Drs and nurses, when I tell them I gave up 14 months ago but I do Vape, they always say thats fine. no stigma at all. It the giving up of the 4000 poisons in the tobacco that is the thing. and how i feel today compared to then i KNOW i did the right thing.


  • Hi Jjude, it sound as if you are already half way to stopping smoking anyway. I gave up many years ago because of asthma and I saved the money I would have spent on cigarettes in a glass jar with a wish list (Mainly holidays) inside just to spare me on. Every time I felt the urge to smoke I went to the cupboard and took out the jar and counted it. By the time I had counted the money saved, the urge had gone. Yes, I did get the holidays I wanted and have carried on saving ever since. Giving up smoking was the best thing I ever did. Good luck Maximonkey

  • Thanks Maxi, I did stop 14 months ago, though i did forget to mention when i did, that the secret ingredient is to 'want to' stop

    my brother and his wife started smoking again, my daughter tried, son is trying another daughter too, but if the want is not strong....


  • Yes Jude, you do need to want to, however, the glass jar with the cash in it worked great for me. The health benefits of course are obvious but I found the incentive of the HOLIDAY was the greatest thing, not to mention the thought of all that cash going up in smoke. Think of something you really want to do and get that glass bottle going. Take care Maximonkey

  • I gave up by vaping too and have found I am using it less so have given myself the goal of giving it up by the end of the year - not going to pressure myself too much - so guess really up to you to maybe set a date - but do not stress about it - think it is eventually a good thing to give up the vaping as although much better than the evil weed is still an alien substance going directly into our lungs - whatever stay well - good luck xx

  • AWESOME DAY!!!! its also my birthday!! 2nd of May!!! Should you stop vaping... there is enough eidence to show that it actually causes no harm... the main ingredients are used in asthma inhalers and im sure pharma have vetted and made sure there are no long term effects.. whatever the deal its a million times better than smokin well at 45,000 times better cos that the amount of poisens and toxins found in cigarettes!!!

    Stop if you want to and know your not going to start smoking... keep your vape near... here is a study from 50 years ago they subjected a monkey and a mouse to vapor for 18months straight.... and NO BAD results...

  • Thanks for that link simon, interesting reading. Im happy vaping at the moment and feel so much better than may 2014. In fact after finding this forum less than a month ago coupled with the no smoking I think I could live forever xx

  • My pleasure! keep it up just dont go back to cigarettes!!

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