What is this tingly feeling

I have suffered with Generalised anxiety disorder since age 19 and am 56 and still suffer.I was diagnosed graves disease 7 years ago which aggravated the anxiety and I suffered a health anxiety which made me very aware of my breathing.I was getting slight shortness of breath with graves disease and even though I am told my thyroid is now within normal range ,it went underactive then normal within last 8 weeks.When I am doing things around the house or am out my heart seems to pound then I feel like I am not able to breath in properly then my hands and fingers go a bit tingly and if I clench my fists it goes.My GP puts it down to anxiety but because I have become obsessed over breathing I cant stop thinking about it and make it worse.

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  • Have you rung the BLF helpline about it Bev? I'm sure they could help. P x

  • Tingling in the fingers can be a sign of hyperventilating.....this can happen if you are breathing too quickly or deeply.

    Try the pursed lip breathing technique it may help.

  • Hyperventilation, disordered breathing without doubt. Awareness of ones breathing fits the bill.

    Google Dinah Bradley's book.

  • Thanks ck101, I will check out Dinah Bradley

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