I find that with arthritis and shortness of breath it is so hard to get to my GP surgery now. I have been having to go there almost every week since the end of January due to an infection on my instep and shin. I don't want to keep asking for lifts, so take a taxi most times, £14.00 for a return journey. A lovely surgery wih every care. The one here in the village has a very low accreditation and local neighbours say really negative things about it. The only good thing is that there is a volunteer group who takes patients to and from surgery at £2.00 a trip. I really don't want to change after all these years, like 33 of them, what would others choose?

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  • Hi, although that is a lot of money each week I would stay with the doctors you feel are best, could you ask for the district nurse to come and dress your leg.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Thanks for your reply,I do the dressings myself each day and go to to the surgery so that any improvement can be monitored, the Practice Nurse tells me that I might need to be referred to a Dematologist if nothing happens soon. That is even further away though.such a nuisance!!

  • Hi Polly do you get sickness benefit? If so you might be able to claim the cost back. I don't know if you can if you get DLA/PIP (or Attendance Allowance if you are retired) but you might be able to then as well. It could be worth finding out. x

  • It was suggested that I apply by Age UK, and filled in a form. I was refused though, probably because I need no help with personal care, Polly

  • Anyone remember the days when doctors were kind enough to come out and visit people in their homes? That was in the days when they weren't paid as much as the Prime Minister of course.

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