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Tablet change to Ambulatory Care Part 5. The End?

Had my fifth AC appointment yesterday. Which was timed well as I had had my 24 hour halter and they had the results. The last twice we went to AC it had been moved a very long way from it's original place. so I plodded and rested my way there. Once we turned in to the ward it was empty! This is in the back and beyond of the old hospital so deep breath and we make our way back. Luckily there was a nurse walking towards us and we asked has AC been moved back to it's original base? "Yes" was the reply. Arrived on time and between gasps reported in, expected the usual long wait. but we had not long sat down and was called into the room.

I was asked how I have been feeling since the changes and I have felt better plus the swelling is not anywhere as bad as it was on the previous tablets. But my breathing does not seem any better? I added that I have now started my Vit D3 tablets on Monday. Once I got the cc'd letter from my 3rd visit stating my Vit D deficiency? "So your GP has not responded to the results from over 6 weeks ago?" It was obvious that he was not happy with that at all and scribbled on a separate note paper. "So you would not of known unless you got the letter from us to the GP?" I explained how I was summoned in to discuss why I had had so many tests but they did not say I needed anything as a result of them.

He then went on to talk over the 24 hour heart test and was happy that I am now in a better place with heart rate, it does show it having a flutter though the day but he does not think it now justifies a Pace and ablate. But a regular 6 monthly check up to keep it under control if needed.

I explained that the breathing has not improved, will it once the Vit D gets into my system? He did say that I may feel overall better as a result of the Vit D but the lungs will not improve. The combination of RLD, PH, Fibrosis and Paralysed Diaphragm can only go one way but it has to be kept in check as long as it can.

I am now discharged from Ambulatory Care. They have done everything they could to get me sorted out. It is just such a shame that my GP Practice does not seem to have the same commitment. This is not the first time they have not responded to test results. I called about a chest Xray to be told by reception I had a mild chest infection but had in fact double pneumonia!

Be well

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That's incredible Offcut! Did you take this up with your surgery? Can you change to another more efficient one? I am glad that you seem to be bit better which is only good news. x

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I have a problem in so much my usual GP is very good on my heart and has more or less accepted that I do have lung conditions as well. But he is one of the hardest people to see and you will always be late seeing him. my nearest GP practice is not far away and I have heard some good reports. But he is the only full time doctor there and a nurse who is very nice as I went with my son to them to get his staples taken out. But he does not seem to a specialist in anything that would be helpful to me?

So is it better the devil you know?


Yes probably Offcut. I understand how you feel coz I have some issues with my local surgery too. But it is only 5 minutes walk away up a gentle hill whereas the next one is 15 minutes walk away up a proper hill. There are also 2/3 doctors I really like there, but wouldn't give you tuppence for the rest of them. x


My old GP practice had eight plus GP's but the Doctor in charge of the practice was a real tight a*s and all the good GP's would leave within a year. I went in one day my coccyx { tail bone } was out he told me to go home I didn't have big breasts I wasn't over weight no way could I have a bad back, two years later still in pain bent down to pick up a pen off the kitchen floor couldn't get back up so I drunk the box of wine from the fridge I ended up in A&E they sent me to the fracture clinic two weeks later I was in hospital having my coccyx manipulated and this is why I'm in so much pain now with my back.

I moved to a walk in GP surgery best thing I ever did they are open 7 days a week 8am till 8pm


I think the time that they could get away with things is coming to an end. I fully understand that they are under pressure but the financial rewards should be the reward they get. If I had not gone to A&E I would not of had the tests and the help to improve my conditions.

I understand that that the lungs are not going to improve but to get a general "LIve with it" from my GP's but then do not read the results the hospital send them!

Be well


I agree they are on £100,000 plus a year and then they think they are God and know better than the hospital consultants take care and keep on top of them.


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